Pirelli's 50th anniversary !!! #pirelli 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • alessandraambrosioPirelli's 50th anniversary !!! #pirelli 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • missdkb@fifayana I think you need to re read my comment first before u @ me. I said why is there only one black women? This picture is saying there can only be one black model amongst fair skin. #readbeforeyouspeak I know exactly what color I am you don't need to remind me. #haveanicenight
  • anggiditya@siddhaputri takut
  • siddhaputri@anggiditya jadi inget foto yg aku tunjukin waktu itu! Ternyata emg ada ya konsep foto ada salah satu yg super beda sendiri πŸ˜‚
  • _357vladislavaColor girl AlekWek
  • kharolsI love supermodel alek wek!
  • kharolsWow...so many racist comment here...she's black but she's a supermodel! Icon in the fashion industry! she done alot of high fashion editorial...you name she got it all....you???
  • shznursoleharaphay@dsendas I agreed with you ✌✌✌
  • shounaadroubAlek is so hot 😍
  • charlottewickst@richvrdxsoderlund @angelina_abissinia @aaronista_zhang being 'ugly' sure has got her somewhere !! There all as beautiful as each other you don't need to look like a barbie doll to be beautiful.
  • anabbdiazMiranda cover up that nipple!
  • paulinakiepYou're absolutely right !! @hajieto
  • foreverbonheur3@issama ja vi lever i en Γ€cklig vΓ€rld med rassar som du
  • katerinfbthe problem is that you are judging her by the stereotypical image of beauty ingrained in your brain, thus you think this gorgeous african model is ugly cause you see her through that white stereotype of beauty filter, shame on all of you
  • arielgrnAlek wek, miranda kerr, alessanda! Loveeee this picture!
  • magugc@angelina_abissinia to summ up, you wish you could be at least half pretty as these models are. But guess what? You'll never be. Having an instagram account, taking sluty pictures and getting likes from some fuckin perverts will never make you a super model like the GORGEOUS women on the Pirelli calendar. So shut the fuck up, stop being a jelous bitch and try to think before you open your mouth. Black is beautifull.
  • a_dios_le_pido@agustwina suck a cock :(
  • magugc@angelina_abissinia no thanks, that's your full-time job :)
  • a_dios_le_pido@agustwina bitch get a life instead of talk to me.Yeah you're too ugly to enjoy your life
  • magugc@angelina_abissinia ohh, shame on you.. keep thinking everyone is ugly but you? Actually i have a wonderful life, that's why i'm not going around saying stupid things to offend other people. Control your envy. I'm done with you :)
  • lili20005Ich hab dich bei gntm gesehen sexy β˜…β™₯β™₯β™₯
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