Like if you agree with Truett Cathy! #ChickfilAHistory
  • chickfilaLike if you agree with Truett Cathy! #ChickfilAHistory

  • bring_emm_out@claraculpepper
  • _i_o_n_e_the_elfFollowing chick-fil-a is just spamming my page!!! No hard feeling though!
  • ariellefishi had chick-fila for dinner so good @chickfila
  • kconamiPlease bring back Cesar Dressing & Croutons!!!!!!!🙏
  • kconamiSmoked Apple BBQ is TERRIBLE - please bring back regular BBQ
  • godivamanI agree!!
  • westlakewifeeNO LEMONADE at the Westlake Village location today 8/16 @ 1:30pm!! Per the DIRECTOR of MARKETING, Josh Pregio--said his "shipment of lemons did not come in"!! This is poor customer service, bad leadership, horrible preparation, and an uncaring culture ((COSTCO'S is less than 3 minutes away!! Plz improvise)) you will lose customers and customer loyalty when you are out of the product that you sell!! Further-Westlake Village is a high profile competitive area and this restaurant is fairly new ((McDonald's, StoneFire, KFC, and at least 5 other restaurants are in THAT same complex!!)) the Marketing Director, Josh Pregio, could have easily apologized and offered me a guest pass for my next visit. He did not!! No product -poor customer service= you obviously do not want my business!! #CustomerService #CustomerLoyalty #PoorLeadership
  • sarah.dowlessStory of my life
  • therealchloebiggersBest place evvverrrr!!!! I go there all the time!!!!!
  • paradiselostinbooks@westlakewifee dude, restaurants are not magic. Sometimes the people that bring food fail. Yes it sucks but you don't have to freak out and be a jerk!
  • shhdhshdhdWoo
  • shhdhshdhdChickfila woo.
  • shaungains@westlakewifee with all due respect no one is going to see this comment. This is an issue, that sometime happens, and ChickFilA lemonade is made with certain lemons and only they can be used. I'm a former employee of another ChickFilA, I know. When you have a compalint could call the Operator or if you're not comfortable doing that call 1866-CFA-2040. ChickFilA is a very guest centered compnay, so I'm sure they aren't happy they don't have lemonade.
  • physicsgirlchanellIm mad @chickfila bring back the southwest salad!!!!!!!!
  • shhdhshdhdChickfila woo!
  • snowykana123@chickfila Food is essential but food that came from torture is not.
  • forever___123Awesome
  • daniel.adamsMy favorite quote!
  • riley.sellers@soophiesweeney @canila_bear 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌
  • failureisnotanoption205Take your own advice
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