#tbt Growing up is hard to do @natehartsock
  • desireesiegfried#tbt Growing up is hard to do @natehartsock

  • kosallong1Only god can judge Us. Everything happens for a reason. What is meant to be will happen no matter what. Life & love is unpredictable. When u are blinded by love you don't see your surroundings & ppl are place in others path 4 a reason. We don't know what our future holds for us but the man up above us do. All I do is work & barely have time to watch tv but I get excited to watch how des love story unfolds. I'm glad she found true love & all we should do is be happy for them & hoping one day we all find true love in the end. I know the feeling because my love situation is very similar. The man I will be marrying soon was there for me the whole time & it took certain situations to happen to realize he's my true love... Hoping everyone will be able to experience this great feeling of being in love. Best feeling ever!!! #onlygodcanjudgeme
  • shan_maloneyAnd unfortunately some still need to do that :(
  • yknot247Yes. 30 years. Still going strong. It's possible in this world. Find the right one. Have faith!! 😘
  • jaclyn_zingali@victormarkwhat if you don't like Des what business do you have following her on instagram? You need to get a life. You reap what you soe. Judge others and others will judge you. Low class dude.
  • intuitivemortagageguide@victormarkwhat. Reads like sour grapes dude. I see your profile is private so people can't make rude comments on your pics. Probably single cause you're so mean no woman would want to be your mate.
  • lovethelifexoSooo cuteee 💞
  • jordanarissThose pants would be totally hip'n'happenin today @hartsdesire4 ! Love that things come full circle!!
  • cherieviscontiHe even has the big bro look then.. Protector . I know alot if people didn't like him etc but actually you are with Chris partially because of him. If he hasn't gotten in Sean's face you might be with him. I don't think sean was what your brother accused him of but your brother is a straight shooter and asks the hard questions . I know he was difficult for you in the first show and you may have worried about what he would do in the second , but you were respectful and heard him out , very impressed , stand by your family ! They stood by you . Your dad was sweet with Chris .
  • blinky0109@victormarkwhat how she fell in love or how long it took her to find her love doesn't affect your life what's so ever. So I don't understand your point in insulting her journey. Everyone has a story, and hers is an amazing one to tell. I wish you the best @hartsdesire4 #verycutecouple
  • anniestroh@cherievisconti well said!
  • katemanduYou two are very cute.
  • jacq.rabbitAwww baby des!
  • jacq.rabbitAwww baby des!
  • kat_cordobaHey des pls right back!!!! I think your awesome and I love u And Chris together!!!!!
  • uhauiamYour looks haven't change a bit. :-D
  • onlynikkibowersAwe you're so cute!
  • jme2663Looks like your mean brother. #nomorebullies
  • myclassicvibehotmailcomAwww cute
  • sam_raidensmomHaha y'all were so cute!
  • soamm2ggNate acted like a bully, but I loved him on the show!!!
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