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  • the_sorcerersupremeA lot of directors and actors are becoming wary of big studio picture productions because it has become profit-driven and in order to increase profit, it needs to appeal to a much broader audience which leads to simpler narratives and CGI gimmicks. Some directors like Spike Lee has taken the initiative to fund his own production through Kickstarter. I feel Vimeo can change the Hollywood industry by refocusing on the beautiful narratives, complex plots and true imagination that once existed in the film industry. Support the individual filmmakers which Vimeo has provided a platform for. I would love to share a revolutionary vision that I hope Vimeo can provide which I have detailed out in a presentation and letter. Looking for anyone in Vimeo that would hear me out.
  • blakewhitmanNice video
  • interesting_grandmaOk video
  • shaneblumVimeo rules!
  • mottalacHi! What do you think of my nose?
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