The Game, aka @theversaceking knows that $35K is no joke. Enter to win that @yngandreckless cash at TILLYS.COM! #spendreckless
  • tillysThe Game, aka @theversaceking knows that $35K is no joke. Enter to win that @yngandreckless cash at TILLYS.COM! #spendreckless

  • whoisjohnnyhIn promoting this on my website!
  • samoan_architect@tillys @yngandreckless straight wreckless
  • imelliealv@tillys I get all my clothes an stuff from you guys. You know i entered!!!
  • betsydoesthat@yngandreckless @dramabeats I would use this money for the greater good! A.k.a. Buying loads of Y&R gear and saving for my future!
  • adalemii#spendreckless need a car and pay all my a parents bills the save it
  • myianaraimyianarai#spendreckless I would fly to La and go straight to Rodeo Dr. First stop Gucci and buy my Gucci neon sneakers both pair that ive been dying to have with 2 new purses and 2 pairs of heels to match and 3 new sexy fits. Then I would go to Jimmy Choo to buy 2 more pairs of heels. After that I would go to the closest car dealer ship and pick out 2 cars and put money down on it, drive one off the lot then I will find a way to get in contact with Xzibit meet him and have him pimp it out for me then get it shipped to my place of residence. Ill head back to the dealership get the other car. After that ill find a way to contact a well known producer, buy a beat and studio time and record a song. After that ill go bungee jump off a bridge, then ill go find the dopest tattoo artist and get a tattoo cover up and 1 huge tattoo on the side of my body from my rib to my hip. After that ill of course get some @yngandreckless gear and go buy 2 women's Rolexes. After that ill go sailing and then ask some random person to go sky dive with me after that im on a plane to Vegas hit up Michael Kors and buy yet 2 more purses and heels after that ill take a tour then go zip lining, do the CSI Experience, go to the shooting range, speed car racing, dune buggy ride in the desert and take a helicopter ride to see the Grand Canyon after that im to the Palms pool party then later to Tao in the VIP section and get white girl wasted! Yes! #spendreckless
    @tillys @yngandreckless
  • lilroyale_fitness@tillys @yngandreckless #spendreckless first you'll make a niggah tear up , then ill buy myself a car and condo and invest my money , flip it and buy good and blankets for the less fortunate living streets and give some money to my mom
  • poundcakee@tillys $ spendreckless first I would help my mom cuz we are both single mothers and then ill get me apartment where my kids can finally have there own room and own space and I would help others who I know is struggling and jus be happy with my babys !!! @yngandreckless
  • poundcakee#spendreckless
  • mzz_monroeI sign up when will we know
  • alinatheunicorn@tillys @dramabeats @yngandreckless with the 10k, I'd buy a car so I wouldn't have to have my grandfather taxi me around anymore lol. Whatever's left, I'd probably give buy clothes & stuff for my friends & family who've given me so much & supported me through everything. I would put the remaining 25k in the bank & try to let it collect interest. I'd still use some of it though, of course. I believe in paying for experience rather than material items so I'd go do things I've always wanted to, but never had money to (like sky diving, traveling, take my family on vacation which we've never done sadly, etc). Also, I am an ambitious senior in high school with so many goals. This money would go to paying for college\dorm\living expenses etc & help create a huge dent in tuition & downscale so much stress. #spendreckless
  • no_look_hookI would pay off my student loans and my car off... And get some clothes, and help my mom with her bills #spendreckless
  • dailykrazinessI entered and I'm praying
  • dailykrazinessI need some fun
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