watch the premiere of @JeffreeStar's new music video #LoveToMyCobain on @Vevo now! πŸ’€
  • akonwatch the premiere of @JeffreeStar's new music video #LoveToMyCobain on @Vevo now! πŸ’€

  • msangelallison❀❀❀
  • maya_d___Eww I lov akon but Jeffrey star is messed up
  • rclbattenThis jeffree person is terrible, is this what people call music these days? A bloke who might as well be a women, who's voice sounds like a smoker of 50 years andwho can't actually hit any notes and when he "try's" to sing its literally just speaking. RIP MUSIC
  • luarahschettinoque isso akon
  • rosie_blancaWat
  • sheekstackz@mrbobbybear thank you I thought I was the only sane person left on the planet these satan worshipping fools have destroyed music & art like wtf is this shit and everybody is just riding along with it smh I'm not perfect but my nigga we gotta draw the line wtf anything goes now everybody is with the do what thou wilt movement and they don't even recognize it its pathetic @akon is my favorite artist I met him b4 he is why I make real music I'm so disappointed that he joined these idiots like I'm so heart broken guess only real artist left is Lupe Fiasco
  • thatpolishgirl0288Ewwwww !!!
  • mike_shawkatNice
  • alex_one_eye_96I just love jefree c: and @akon is listening to him, this is perf! πŸ‘Œβ€
  • chloeannesherwoodYou met akon? @sheikhtijan
  • ibeno.idright when i liked this picture, my favorite song EVER "Don't Matter" came on. ily Akon. 😘🎧
  • i love Akon. When i was younger, him & Chris Brown were the only people i listened to. i had all of their albums. i miss Akon.
  • sheekstackzJust*
  • edg4rgomesLove it
  • edg4rgomes@!?
  • prehistoricmetaphoricWhat kind of old ass phone you got that YouTube is still like this?
  • alejandrovillagranartLet the haters know who rulesπŸ‘‘ you go Jeffree
  • frankiamour😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • thephilipmichaelU promoting this guy FORREAL????
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