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  • m_shinodaLP Underground Summit #9: Hong Kong. About to meet all these folks. #linkinpark

  • yuer_stblWish there will be an official video
  • pd_panEverything like yesterday!!
  • vannflores1806vuelvan a argentina! !!!
  • sidlp24I was there!!!!
  • fibredogYeah yeah! You where the guy with the shirt and pants right? @sidlp24
  • sidlp24Yeah! @fibredog... :)
  • athen_leeI'm proud of being one of the lpu
  • yuer_stblI still regret to death that I didn't put all my coupon in this box, otherwise I should have gone with all my 5 friends(we r damn lucky we each got one) to meet you. I won the orange dot but I quit bec I couldn't get back to the front row later.
  • yuer_stblAnd they told me the story of Chaz you told them, so f-ing crazy, so Chester! So next time you should think of something of you, and tell me, ha~
  • yuer_stblOh, there was one thing that made my trip perfect--Chester liked the bracelet I made for him, he wore it for the rest of the tour!' He said he was superstitious so did it bring him good luck? Though it was a little big, maybe he should get fatter to fit it😄
  • tommydubbsDesigning the letters lp into a triangle was genius
  • sfgb23Я обожаю вааас
  • sfgb23Вы САМЫЕ ЛУЧШИЕ. Лююблю
  • anastasiya_roshchupkinaИя тоже! Майк
  • yana___bananaОй рашке
  • black_killer1Mike, why do not you answer to the comments of your fans?
  • too.rar3.to.di3I will silence them all
  • sabina_babaeva1191Mike, vsegda bil dlya menya lu4wim, a ewe mi delim s nim Odin prekrasniy den na dvoix, naw den rojdeniya v Odin den♥
  • sabina_babaeva1191@m_shinoda
  • wintermotiondats ma burfdey
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