At the Museum of The Second World War, Ukraine. So proud to be Hawaiian, Filipina and UKRAINIAN
  • nicolescherzyAt the Museum of The Second World War, Ukraine. So proud to be Hawaiian, Filipina and UKRAINIAN

  • valeramestniyWHAT ARE YOU DOING IN UKRAINE???!!! 😳😳😳
  • mateydesrвот это поворот
  • tijanaa_xoUR SOOOOO PRETTY
  • mrs_k_s_e_n_i_a@thenicolescherzinger I have the same photo!;)
  • ankita_piarskaya🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @thenicolescherzinger
  • strdbertram#giants
  • natalia.vasYou are my inspiration!!
  • estestnosabinkashe said before that she was russian when she came to moscow...
  • carterr613👍👍
  • jarofhani@Sarahtaheri she is not Persian
  • wondereste_I saw that on french tv idk @imhaninoor
  • jarofhani@sarahtaheri it's cool, lol I'm half Persian (x
  • wondereste_@imhaninoor cool ! And the other half ?
  • jarofhani@sarahtaheri Pakistani!
  • wondereste_@imhaninoor cool ! :)
  • sergv195She is not ukranian. Vladivostok - Russia
  • alla_lopez@nicolescherzy Happy Birthday, beautiful soul!!! I am extremely PROUD that you are in a way a part of me - Ukrainian! You are an idel human being! Works hard, strives for the best and acomplishes evrything that you set as a goal! You are trully an inspiration! 1M followers here in instagram is very little for a super STAR like you! Nicole, i want to wish you to keep that spark bright in you, keep doing what you love and inspire young women around the world to be the best they can be! I swear ti God i thought you were 28 years old the most!!!!! You look unbelievable and such a gourgeous lady should think about how to male thos world a more beautiful place and have some adorable babies ;) you will be the best mom! I want to wish you to experience the blessing of motherhood! I love you and i want you to know how thanksful i am for libing on this planet at the same time with you! I moved to USA from Ukraine 4 years ago and now i live in Miami Beach, Fl. If you will come here it would be a great honor to have a few minutes of your life to meet you :) love you, girl!!! You are shamazing ;))
  • kir_nagaevUnfortunately now in Ukraine fascists seized power.
  • dimvxdopeWhat a shame, it's policy of double standards and duplicity @nicolescherzy you're said that you're Russian and your grandmother from Vladivostok...
  • lenanevoSuch a unique combination Hawaiian Filipino Ukrainian ;)💃👏👏👏
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