"What are you up to?" "Oh, not much.. Just pinning butterflies before heading over to Danny's."
  • thekatvond"What are you up to?" "Oh, not much.. Just pinning butterflies before heading over to Danny's."

  • itsbasicallyme@thekatvond what kind of butterflies are these? I would love to get one tattooed.
  • markusgiovannJapanese black swallow tail i belive @itsbasicallyme
  • mummytokairaWould be much more beautiful alive, fluttering about. Kill the butterfly, kill its beauty :/ not cool @thekatvond
  • mollyfritscherI love butteflies i have two pinned ones so far
  • hspetterson@93felixfelicis butterflies generally do not live very long and I would expect that @thekatvond collects them after they have died. We have a ton on our property and that's what we do.
  • hspettersonIt's just another way to enjoy their beauty.
  • clarajanae😞
  • clarajanaeThey want to survive too
  • caseymbobif they are already dead then its just preserving the beauty
  • art_girl1997I agree because they are beautiful and they are dead so what's wrong with putting it on a wall my friends mom did it when she was a kid and all the butterflies she had were dead when she found them do she put them in small glass cases and Hung them on the wall this is the same basically and there is no harm being done to these creatures cause they were dead when they found them so its not like they are going around and killing butterflies they are only trying to preserve their beauty like @caseymbob said so I don't see what the problem is
  • collector69So beautiful!! They are so intricate!! They should be seen?!
  • elambassist@iamemilylazar
  • septembermourning@elambassist kool! Looks like us!
  • black_knight123Quit complaining. I had to do this for a grade in high school. we had to put them in a butter container with a cotton ball of alcohol or nailpolish remover... for a grade. There's nothing wrong with this.
  • __claudia__g@diaz427 will you do this for me? :)
  • bruise_violetteLepidoptera are my favorite @thekatvond .. scarobs and bats close behind!
  • zimzimaaBeautifull
  • nessxEwwwwww 😷😷😷😷
  • _addictedtosamBeautiful
  • bonnibell11@hailey__babyy
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