#WelcomeBack Nathan really went all out! 😊👍
  • j_evans1219#WelcomeBack Nathan really went all out! 😊👍

  • heyjillhey__Btw, go back to school and learn proper grammar and spelling. @kirstyyyy_evans
  • being_kirsty@jillian90x really that all u got?? Spelling and grammar don't matter that much when it comes to being a good parent, the drug thing bit more serious! I'm guessing ur only sticking up for the girl I originally had a go at because ur a pothead too otherwise u wouldn't be so upset about it? Dumb American
  • heyjillhey__@kirstyyyy_evans oh yeah totally, I smoke so much reefer. You're a fucking imbecile. And yes, it does matter when you won't even be able to proofread your children's school papers or help them study for spelling tests.
  • heyjillhey__No one is "upset" except for you. Try diet and exercise and maybe you will feel better about yourself and lose the nasty attitude. @kirstyyyy_evans
  • being_kirsty@jillian90x lol I have a nasty attitude look at yourself, and I'm a fucking imbecile? Lol at least I'm not ugly as fuck, just looked at some of your pictures, can u say dog???! Next time someone ain't talking to u why don't u fucking mind ur own business, instead of calling me for things when ur basically doing the same only to me. Inbred
  • kailyrenee^^actually you are "ugly as fuck" @kirstyyyy_evans. Also spelling and grammar are exceptionally important when raising a child. People who smoke weed aren't necessarily bad parents or people. My sister has her medicinal marijuana license for chronic pain and is a wonderful person and great with my children. She is not a "waster" or a "tramp" because she smokes. You are an uninformed idiot who obviously knows nothing about what you're preaching. The way you write makes you look trashy and uneducated.
  • shonda_cedeno@kirstyyyy_evans I think you made more people angry by saying dumb american. Maybe try getting your point across by NOT calling everyone who addresses you a cu**. Spelling and Grammar do NOT really matter on Instagram, but it does matter when teaching your kids things. I saw you raised 50 thousand for an operation for your son and that is amazing and shows how dedicated you are as mother. I hope everything goes great with the surgery( im a mother so I really do hope everything goes great) the reason some people are upset is because she lied.. nor because she smoked weed. Weed really isn't that big of a deal to most people here. I wouldn't want my kids doing it LOL but she lied to ppl who cheered for her recovery and keeps lying. People will listen to your side of things more if you stop calling everyone c****. @kailyrenee, I know plenty of people who smoke weed and I had 2 family members who had lymphoma who used weed when the pain was bad as well. You're correct, weed doesn't make someone a bad person at all.
  • fkkkdshttupppi had to for you!
  • nichellecierra@kirstyyyy_evans if pot is sooooooooooooooo bad why is it legal in a few states? Hmm? Why is it used as medicine? Hmm? Do you even really know anything about marijuana? Caaaauuuussseeeee I don't think you dooooo. ;)
  • being_kirsty@kailyrenee You can't really call me ugly when your mouth is too thin, your nose big and beaky and your eyes are spaced too far apart from each other.
  • blvntzilla@kirstyyyy_evans and you have a HUGE forehead. If you want me to be more technical, take your page off of private. :)
  • kailyreneeHahahaha @kirstyyyy_evans! That's pretty funny! nice try sweetheart;)
  • charlenemarie_x3@kirstyyyy_evans why does your son need an operation to walk? were you using when you were pregnant? and I'm pretty sure if you were raising money for him that you didn't make the 50k yourself other people helped you. I am with you in saying people shouldn't smoke pot. but look at how your going about this, you are being a child so I'm sure your not teaching your child any better. maybe instead of lashing out on people on a social networking site you should get a therapist.
  • charlenemarie_x3@kirstyyyy_evans and as for calling everyone else ugly? your default photo looks like your taking it in the ass... @kailyrenee I think your gorg
  • charlenemarie_x3@kirstyyyy_evans even if you don't do drugs you come off like such trash, how many kids do you have? are they all from different fathers? cause I can't imagine someone would actually stay with someone like you for very long.
  • chelseagroesbeck__@alicialynn89 stfu dumb bitch
  • kailyreneeThank you @xxcharleneo. You are quite the beaut yourself. @kirstyyyy_evans is obviously just jealous and it's so totally obvious. Her profile pic looks totally haggard
  • thebrandydannys@brendadannys he went all out..
  • mrstbrito@j_evans8209 He went all out for you to lie to him about being "drug free!!" I was really starting to believe in you...
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