Those "celebs w/out makeup" stories are bull. here is some truth 4 ya
  • adriannecurryThose "celebs w/out makeup" stories are bull. here is some truth 4 ya

  • sdf25You can't wake up and not recognize the girl next to you...
  • rant22She's wondering "how does Trent keep making such amazing music" #nin
  • arteck618You have nice eyebrow hairs
  • thekimbamarchmontUr skin is radiant doll
  • the_scream_queenStill gorgeous
  • effectuaUh, still perfectly beautiful, love. You can cry, bitch, moan, rip yourself inside out, show us what you think is the worst and the ugliest, and you're still a phenomenally beautiful, strong woman. Nothing will change that.
  • dindizzy211And, you still look better than all of them. Funny, that.
  • cosmoe666Still beautiful!
  • hubersrageI wouldn't kick you out of bed
  • xcherrydazzleYou have make up on though lol
  • phlnthrpcgrl@adriannecurry love ur eyebrows
  • andriane77@adriannecurry what do you use for cleaning your face???
  • g33kist@adriannecurry what cleansers do you use for your face my gaming queen?! You are flawless :)
  • nicolesamazingWhere's the celeb?
  • jay0271You look good!
  • msmegazordDo you have tattooed eyeliner? If so, did it hurt?
  • itz_o_rodHot! 😍 @adriannecurry
  • mzjlee@xcherrydazzle lol
  • da1jewlSee what I mean phuckin haters and their asinine comments ugh sickens me.... That chick I SEE EYELINER SMUDGE... You are incredibly beautiful and talented.... These bishes couldn't hold a torch next to you 💋💋
  • eah1978Just listened to your podcast with Dr. Drew. It moved me! You are inspiration for survival after abuse. Thanks for speaking candidly of your past!! Love to you! @adriannecurry
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