TED photo challenge: Show us your city skyline #citiesdiscovered

This weekend, we invite you to share creative photos and videos of your city's skyline. Whether you live in a metropolis full of skyscrapers or a small community by the ocean, we want to see what you see.

Some ideas to spark your creativity: Consider what time of day the light looks best. Tilt your camera at an angle to create a dynamic composition or use the grid option to keep your horizon lines perfectly straight. Does your city boast unique landmarks you can see from miles away? Does the skyline seem to stretch off into infinity? What interesting shapes do the buildings create in certain districts of your city? 
Project guidelines: Please contribute your own work to the project and use the hashtag #citiesdiscovered. We’ll post a selection of our favorite images on ted.com, on TED’s Tumblr and, of course, we’ll regram them right here on Instagram.

Featured photo by @holidayhaus
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