Tough enough for the #ArmorSeries? Prove it. Post a video or photo with the hashtag #ArmorTough for a chance to win an adventure pack. Check our #blog for details:
  • otterboxTough enough for the #ArmorSeries? Prove it. Post a video or photo with the hashtag #ArmorTough for a chance to win an adventure pack. Check our #blog for details:

  • jacobclark_85My rubber part of my case is stretched so I was wanting to know if I sent y'all pics can y'all send me a new one @otterbox
  • 1god1fdWhen is otterbox and lifeproof going to make there first case together,if been patiently waiting now I'm starting to get a little mad @otterbox @lifeproof
  • cschneider317@otterbox how far under water can the armour series go underwater even if its just for a few minutes?
  • otterbox@noahmhon The cases for iPads have a cover that doubles as a stand. You will be able to prop up your device.
  • otterbox@emeowliano We're glad you're having fun with it!
  • otterbox@elifinn1 We don't have that in the plans, but we'll let you know if that changes.
  • otterbox@geo_mou We think it's pretty great, too.
  • otterbox@christian_brosious Sorry to hear that-how frustrating!
  • otterbox@jy_mebane What a great way to spend the summer!
  • otterbox@i_own_the_littlelamb Were you able to contact our customer service team for a replacement? Here's the phone number: 855.688.7269
  • otterbox@jacob_is_beasty We can certainly help you with a warranty replacement. Please contact customer service here:
  • otterbox@fire6109 We will be sure to update you on any expansion to our case lines.
  • otterbox@cam_schneider The Armor Series case is waterproof in up to 6.6 feet of water for 30 minutes.
  • i_own_the_littlelambThanks but I got it on eBay 😬😕
  • otterbox@i_own_the_littlelamb If it's an OtterBox product, we will warranty it, regardless of where the case was purchased.
  • i_own_the_littlelambOk I'll check it out thanks
  • otterbox@phokusonmi Submit a picture for our contest, and if we pick you we'll hook you up!
  • mitchprocI know you guys own LifeProof but please don't ruin there cases by making the headphone jack covers like the armour series and leave them as screw in plugs. The nuud case for iPhone 5 has the right idea with the strap on the screw in plug. As well as the bottom flap with the definite click that allows you to know its sealed. If people want the rubber flaps they can buy the otter armour series but don't ruin it for the people who like the screw plugs Thank you :)
  • alli___wilsonThanks otter box for my new replacement case i love that idea! @otterbox
  • holl.g0.awayWill you be making an armor series for the 5s???
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