Dam it. #retrovoting
  • lisahmitchellDam it. #retrovoting

  • doctormcdougallYou can vote at an embassy though! #vote1selfie!
  • meljoan3Gooo Kevin Rudd! Labour for the win!!
  • luvkrysx@eye_of_emma you can vote at an embassy!
  • nathankayemusicYou don't need to vote for either of the major parties. If you vote Greens or Wikileaks Party etc first, they still preference labor & preferences count as a vote in this country. Which means Rudd will get the vote anyway, but the smaller parties will represent your opinions on issues with more veracity by keeping the major parties honest.
  • faustinathefuzzLOL!
  • katierae87I voted at the Aussie Embassy in Paris!!
  • kawai_neko_catHahah
  • rosenthal_Greens don
  • rosenthal_Green don't give their preferences to Labor/vice versa anymore. Greens are in alliance with Clive Palmer party over Labor @nathankayemusic
  • nathankayemusicGreens preference still ends up with labor. I've done the research very thoroughly. Here's a helpful link that clearly explains the preferential system. http://facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chickennation.com%2F2013%2F08%2F18%2Fyou-cant-waste-your-vote%2F&h=MAQGt0GW1&s=1Happy voting anyway. 😄
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