• kmichellemusicYessssssss

  • krisdenise83I want this's fire honey
  • krisdenise83I want this's fire honey
  • _countryboii21😊☺😍
  • realbrezaun_I love this color
  • asvpmajorYou are so beautiful @kmichellemusic
  • kekaayyyi know what i am about to tell you, you probably heard it more times than somebody told me that i wouldnt be nothin in life, im fat, im ugly all together. Although i want to still tell you that its sooo weird how much your songs understand every feeling i have or have had . you are so beautiful and a beautiful voice take that as the biggest advantage you can. Go all out with it because you stand up for me and all the other girls just like me . You are our voice for us every singer rapper just sings or raps, but they dont really mean nothing. I dont get excited when somebody ask me what i would do if Nicki minaj or Beyonce came up to me. I just say I will tell them thats its nice to meet them, but if it was you i would truly go crazy, i might just faint. We are going to meet one day and i will be one of your fans you will never forget, I will make it far in life. An only because your music feels my ears and heart and keeps the bullshit from coming in and breaking me down. #RebelAgainst everybody who said you cant do something and you cant make it in life 🙌👐 I LOVE YOU K MICHELLE keep doing what you doing because you doing it for me 😍😘 @kmichellemusic
  • slimepo_5Roley gold face ✨✨✨
  • handsome_husslaHave me
  • romain_bk1When GOD made women he created u a spectacular gorgeous and talented u are an inspiration
  • juiciyvibeLove u much k mechelle
  • monamarie5Sexy @kmichellemusic
  • berto_onlineAmazin!!!
  • london_marley@team_tiny I kneed u 2 do my hair like this 4 my bday.... I need this color & everything watchu think mama
  • team_tinyOk Hml @smokahontas_4
  • london_marley@team_tiny yesssss screenshot it 2 yo phone my bday feb 9 #turnup
  • team_tinyOk got it Hunni @smoke ahontas_4
  • unbreakabletear@fefefbaby
  • pimpout_tb1Sexy as
  • diime_@buma26
  • gotmein2014@kmichellemusic I'm one of your biggest fans I'm so N.O🔫🔪🚬💊💉💰💴💸💳
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