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  • mr_kennethcoleA video response to feedback from my earlier tweet.

  • 1970amyYou're a moron. Plain and simple
  • laurenjpvSelf-Righteous-Scumbag of the year award goes to you!
  • michaelmiraflorNever stepping into one of your stores again.
  • jessicagottlieboh so much bullshit.
  • jeremiahtherobertsAnd the douche bag award of the year goes to.. @kennethcole
  • a_mandacole@rsmithing This is not the corporate Instagram, but the man behind the brand making a statement . He is not ADVERTISING Anything - no link , no specific article of clothing , no Saale.
  • a_mandacole@erin14040 nowhere is he Saying to lighten up about war or trying to sell shoes
  • a_mandacole@spwomack Look at the ad history and the history of the causes they have actually helped with the awareness from ads. Aweaerness.com
  • rsmithing@amandabmatilda I respectfully disagree. By including the specific article of clothing "#footwear" in the tweet, that's advertising – trying to get eyeballs of anyone interested in that topic – just look at all the other ad-based tweets using it. And this Instagram itself has plenty of ad-like shots – that's fine if it's not the corporate account, but it should at least say so if that's the case. Finally, his name is the corporate brand, therefore any recognition he has is because of the brand & vice versa, The guy can and should say what he wants in our free country, but the fact that he's done this before proves it's not "promoting dialogue." It's promoting/advertising the brand/footwear.
  • jessyneueThis is tomfoolery bulshit fuckery, you're just trying to capitalize on actual issues. It's completely transparent and fucking moronic.
  • eavsunshine@rsmithing well said, couldn't agree more!
  • dschorrYou're an asshole. That sells shitty shoes. Go suck some leather.
  • tara.diamondAgree with @amandabmatilda. Before you criticize look at the ad history and all of the social causes he stands for. It's a tough, controversial conversation and yet you are all taking part in it now...
  • kensollieWhy is everyone up n arms??!!
  • gregxschmidtWhat did you read that from the inside of your glasses? This is an appalling mediocre approach and you made yourself look horrible.
  • gregxschmidtYour acting like you are some kind of activist, which was a horrible idea because you are just going around a simple apology. Not that I want to hear your apology anyway
  • gregxschmidt@ericgrant true
  • ditztanDon't let them get to you. Do what you gotta do. It's all about how YOU see it. People are always so over reactive nowadays. Yeah the tweet somewhat may be under the gray area, but how is bashing on the guy gonna solve the problem. Respect, KC.
  • alexisvictoriamusicYeah, because nobody was talking about Syria BEFORE your tweet. What a tool.
  • rzamarraI am Roberto Zamarra son Ryan Zamarra
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