Those Eyes. Photo by @larakatharin with #HTCOne S
  • htcThose Eyes. Photo by @larakatharin with #HTCOne S

  • greysonturner@htc I'm getting mine in 1 hour !!!!!!!
  • barkach_Hold that Cat!
  • larakatharinThank you so much @htc
  • dl_rizhiyIt's just on camera without program?
  • dawniellereneI love this cat!
  • greysonturner@htc just got it will upload first #htcone pic soon
  • putian_guy暹罗喵 @justinbieber9308 @switchmechairs
  • larakatharin@dl_rizhiy you'll find the answer to your question on my profil :)
  • s.o.tarekDid everybody on this post miss the S at the end? It's taken with an HTC One S... meaning the camera isn't actually this good. Being an HTC One owner, I can attest that this quality cannot be achieved.
  • kamhaghMy father got the one yesterday after droped his htc one s in water:) maybe the battery is damaged anywya my father got this till and I can only say 3 world THATS FRAKING AWESOME!!! Also camera so much more expected havent see any lag till now frakimg fast responsive!!! Mat and shape feells great!!!!! I freaking love htc only prob is late updates and no quick wi fi bluetoorh and stuff on off
  • kamhaghMy father his first smartphone were touch 3g than hd2 then something else for 2 days (htc!!!) Then I got htc sensation my father got one s and then htc one !!! I never had problem or anyrhing till now!!! I will stick htc!!! Its freaking awesome (( btw had note after sensation it own pen scratched it so much sooo lagy so bad only good display!!! Then nexus 4 it was freaking awesome!! But sadly went home and saw its 8gb version so long story forced to get s4 from now I got im so depress disapointed sad and I almost forgot everything about phones and roms!!:(( so laggy glitchy buggy )) my next phone Probly will be an htc or nexus I freaking love htc;) after I told my friends and friensa and still they are happy too!! And all of them stayes whit their phone for long sadly my father was unlucky and dropped in water;) I had my sensation till I wasnt able to play lastest graphics game whitout oc:) I made it too 1.7 it was so smooth but my fingers had got burned!,) lol btw this s4 my finger gets so hot not burned at gaming ;sss
  • kamhaghWaiting for nexus 5!! Maybe get htc !!! Btw I love aosp thats why I want nexus and its cheap here in iran htc is so expensice but worth it;)
  • larakatharinI had the HTC sensation too, and I loved it. Unfortunately I lost it in a train. So I bought the HTC one s and I'm more than happy.
  • kamhagh:) just saw nexus 5 leaks:) btw rooting htc phones is a huge pain!!! If same as old ones but totaly worth it theres high chance will go htc also live usb host unfortunately htc dosnt support but wont matter much!
  • kamhaghIts so sad I wonnago nexus and leave awesome ness only for 2 reasons;/ mist see htc one max and others!!!
  • 6ke5#areyouseriousbro
  • tanmay_1Hellow
  • friendlyneighborhoodasianHey htc, when're we going to see something about the htc one max? I can upgrade and I want to know how long it'll be until I can get it.
  • defi_dinaCute.... :)
  • brighton_nkini@grapes_brie
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