• anntaylorlove how @rachparcell styled our Leopard Topper with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a metallic belt! #bloggerstyle

  • beautifullyseasideGorgeous!
  • sashaexeter👌
  • rachelelizafallI cannot believe you are partnering with her! She does not represent Ann Taylor at all, I am so disappointed.
  • tipwitsmanI love her and I love Ann Taylor. This is so pretty!
  • cheegurbuzerI love her. She wears Ann Taylor but not as much as JCrew. Most of the time she wears JCrew.
  • jjjeeennnnnyyyyThis look adds about 20 pounds to her. 👎
  • youngbrokeandfabulous@jennyestelle agreed.. If you check out her blog there are more flattering angles of this outfit, especially from the side it looks 👌
  • bellefan@rachelelizafall How does her style not mix with the Ann Taylor aesthetic? Not being sarcastic or rude...genuinely wondering because I've never heard of this blogger.
  • rachelelizafall@bellefan I never said her style doesn't mix, I said she doesn't represent Ann Taylor. I used to like her blog a lot until it became fake and unoriginal. She styles everything the same and usually only wears Jcrew. Not to mention she is a stay at home wifey. I just would hope Ann Taylor would partner with a woman who is hard working, has grammar skills and doesn't use the hashtag "amazefest" every five seconds.
  • jjjeeennnnnyyyy@rachelelizafall And you didn't even mention how much she rips off Blair Eadie from Atlantic/Pacific.
  • bellefan@rachelelizafall ok.
  • heatherjwoolley@rachelelizafall I wouldn't say she isn't hard working. She's got a huge following on her blog and I'm sure that takes time and effort. I think she is very hard working. She's in her early twenties so her little hashtags are just fun and youthful. If you don't want to follow her that's totally up to you but I think it's unfair to judge her or her life. You shared your opinion, and that's fair just be nicer about it. Ann Taylor people obviously felt like she represents their classy, refined, elegant style. Kindness goes much further than criticism. Negative comments say more about the person saying them than it does about the person they are talking about.
  • bjtivnan@rachelelizafall and @jennyestelle Well said! Was a fan of that blog, too. But not so much anymore. @bellefan check out her blog
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