• selenagomezX

  • austinbryansmithLoveeeee!.💓
  • chrisyeeleeSo cute and beatiful
  • ibofar66Loke
  • ibofar66I
  • sgslayyTrying to get to your first post be like🙄😂💞
  • its.erixYou so bomb😍
  • ismailssari@melekkbukettt bumu guzl
  • x.lvnaYasssss
  • berfin.yildiz62I love you @selenagomez
  • victoriaoriginal.cttBelgum 💪🏾🔥🎉
  • benedetti11sarai love that you posting so many pictures with your fans.. you're the b est person I know.. you're so beautiful inside and outside! i love you so much sel <3 <3 @selenagomez
  • selly._.swagi heard that Selena Gomez is gonna deactivate her instagram account. ( hope it's just a rumor ) Plz give her a message saying that we believe in her. That shes strong. We have her back no matter what happenes. We will always be a selenator in heart. We Selena if by any chance your reading this, know that so many people care about you, they live for your instagrams tweets songs and they are who they are because of you . They love you from the bottom of their heart. We believe in you. Selenators care about you. You light up our world. We cant lose you. Your our idol. Our inspiration to life. You make our world a better place. Please dont de activate your account. Stay strong. We know you can do it . And we believe that you can fight through your anxieties and panic attacks and lupus. Cuz you are strong. And you are Selena Gomez. We love you and we always will 💙💚 @selenagomez We want her to stay true to who she is . And not let the haters bring this angel down . WE'RE ALL THE SELENATORS AT 💪🏻✊🏻🙌🏻. I hope she's ok. I love her so much and she's the reason I feel like I belong in this world. She's my ray of sunshine. When every one was against me she's been there for me and has formed me. She made me who I am today. The fire inside me is still burning because of her. She made me feel like I belong in this world. I cried a bit and my eyes r literally burning right now. There's no cure for this disease. I listen to her songs as a source of remedy. She still has her entire life ahead of her. I know she can do this. Us selenators are always here for you baby girl. Get some rest 💙 we need you in our lives 💚💛 selenation 💪🏼💕 no hater will ever bring this angel down. We're here for u. We've got ur back. Ur out inspiration to life. You light up every corner or our hearts. I know you can fight lupus, depression, stress, panic attacks, and anxiety. You're strong girly. We all know that. ❤️ ( this message comes from the bottom of both the owners of this accounts heart 💙💚 )
  • ina.stamI love you💚💚💚
  • olyachka123Nice😚
  • ari_garza_Selenators
  • yasseraubeeluckI love you 💕❤️
  • jsleencaurStay strong
  • sophievspronsenI love you ❤️
  • gavinobernalYou Look So Beautiful, Lovely, Adorable, Wonderful, & Fantastic Selena. Absolutely Phenomenal & Sweet. Have a Speedy Recovery, Have a Great Time, Enjoy Your Night, Have Fun, & Stay Strong Selena. Thank You So Much & God Bless You Selena.👑☺️👍🙏❤️🌹💋
  • ayyracelii16❤️💛💚💙💜💞💗💖💝💟💕💓😊🙃
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