Job well done by @Sephora, don't you think? #BCBGRunwayS14 #NYFW
  • bcbgmaxazriaJob well done by @Sephora, don't you think? #BCBGRunwayS14 #NYFW

  • gabriellamarshall👍
  • thelillyguildStunning, but so tired.
  • cali_leeleeummmmm?? eh
  • eleen_a_Not really she looks so tired !!
  • nadiychukNot really
  • greatmissgHmmm she looks very very tired
  • samarmekhailBeautiful. She does look tired though
  • mariahzuGive the girl a break you people
  • islandrican7I have seen better and once make up is done she shouldn't look tired! Raise the eyes with a small liner around eyes @bcbgmaxazria
  • jordan.danaI wish I looked like that when I was tired...she looks great to me
  • jennysays08She does look a little worn out, but lips are beautiful natural.
  • jenniferdenes@christinedeaibes totally thought the same thing haha
  • taymalinSo cool @senglish007!! You look great!
  • cheyennemasseyShe's probably had an extremely long morning guys. Give her a break haha
  • laurenperlsteinShe looks amazing given the fact that she's probably running on zero sleep. They have fittings and castings every day long into the night. It's not easy and if you knew anything you'd know the toll it takes! They ARE tired. It's hard. Give her a break, she looks great and I'm sure has been working nonstop for the last week at least.
  • chelsmendesPeople shouldn't talk unless you've lived the life of a model . Until then, be quiet.
  • christy0765She looked oh-so-fab on the runway -- Congrats BCBG another great line-- I always have a few of your pieces each season and will continue!
  • christy0765nicolemblue are you a WANNA BE model -- trash talk is only for the wanna-bee! You will have to learn how to how to be more supportive in life...did the see her on the runway. Come on.
  • mheimerTrolls!! she's gorg--her looks were great too. I loved the crops.
  • leslie_schaefer_People completely don't understand the beauty of a model. Part of having the "model" look is being imperfect. And the superficial standards of beauty are completely separate from a model's (or anyone casting her for that matter) standard of beauty @nicolemblue..... She's absolutely stunning. I kind if like the tired look anyways
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