• champagnepapiNWTS DELUXE

  • misstiffyyWent to your concert in Houston, & you can just tell you're a good & motivating guy. Had so much fun, keep doing your thing. I was hooked on degrassi. Lol
  • _jakewburke_same i also went to the houston concert @misstiffyy
  • nogaadar96I GOT THIS
  • xx_missbebe@champagnepapi I'm listening to the whole album right now baby !!! You are so wonderful in all that you do !!!! 😍⭐️💋❤️😍⭐️💋❤️
  • lizzjasmin_92What about the motion #16?
  • yousefalotaibixI'm listening to the whole album right now baby!! You are so wonderful in all that you do!! ❤️❤️😍😍💋💋💋
  • the.realbreFromm timeee ♥♥ .
  • flowerchild.__my faves r furthest thing,started rom the bottom,wu-tang forver,from time,hold on were going home,all me but honstly i love em alll. i was about to get the alum yesterday but it fell out the cart when we were going downstairs in target and then the cart rolled on top of it and my mom wouldnt let me get another one so i was p-off. but i have all of it on my phone. i still want the album even tho im literally the only drake fan in my house. my brother likes a few songs,my mom said she doesn't like the way he turned out but i love ittt. @champagnepapi
  • m3starBest album yet a lil less depressing
  • trinigyaal24I've got all of his song
  • merealaintiNWTS best album ever from Drake
  • melnormannThe #Art
  • lilmiss_kiss@champagnepapi. U killed me when you looked right at me at the Barclays but didn't shout me out yep.... the short girl in blue lace strapless shirt with forever long braids lol I know you don't remember but love you and this album is the trillest thus far so keep killing them. Keep takin over love you #ovoxo
  • devondzzWhere is the motion
  • devondzzI have your album
  • anacrystaltapiaomfg, i am your biggest faan! i loove your music so muuch i listen to it 24/7 , you inspire me Drake i loove you, hope to meet you some daay(:
  • ivetteee41Favorite album . 😍😍😭
  • pierrelouienwts
  • keith6661dube@youngmatthew_
  • drank.memezWho still listening too this??
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