• kerihilsonBAWSE.

  • savannahmarcosWhat's so boss about him?
  • dirtyspritegibbs@dreamincolor he on break like a mf ahahaha
  • gadget_kazakhstanЧерт ебаный
  • savannahmarcos@ellesmiles_ Being a successful mother and wife will always be more boss than running a country into the ground. You're excused✋
  • savannahmarcos@ellesmiles_ What has he done to improve any of that? LOL
  • savannahmarcosI had nothing against him until he showed his true colors these last couple of years. @ellesmiles_
  • savannahmarcosWhy don't you just answer it? The fact that you're avoiding answering is just telling me that you don't know what you're talking about and like most of the country now, are just regurgitating the crap you hear off of social media and mainstream news.
  • savannahmarcos@ellesmiles_
  • itoldya_delarosa🙌
  • mjcarelle@savannah_marcos you don't seem to know what you're talking about either since I'm pretty sure you will be unable to elaborate on what you mean by "true colors". And by elaborate I mean with valid arguments. Not Fox News material
  • savannahmarcos@carelle_mo Ever heard of Fast and furious? It involved him allowing to arm foreign, murderous drug cartels even though he preaches gun rights limitations on his own law abiding citizens. Those true colors.
  • savannahmarcosAnd let's not forget Obamacare. He promised that we could keep our existing policies if we liked them, or choose his options for more affordability. Turns out thousands of policies are being cancelled and his options are MORE EXPENSIVE and we will be FINED for NOT choosing our own lifestyle his way. Those true colors.
  • savannahmarcosThose are pretty valid to me. And did I get that from Fox News? No. I got this straight out of your president's lying mouth. Some of yall just like to buy into his politician rhetoric and think he's actually saying something heroic and intelligent. We like to call those people "sheep." Anymore questions? @carelle_mo
  • flyncaliOne of my favorite Intellectuals...
  • savannahmarcos@regojart So he needs to stop putting up a front and lying to people. When he makes a mistake he never owns it, he just blames it on someone else and acts like he had no idea. How are you the president of the US yet you don't know anything going on in your own administration?? I cannot stand a liar and that's what he is.
  • tash897....start a political blog and leave that there ..not under her pic .. simmer down guys. .
  • mrsbrown_toyou@dreamincolor I think it is so fucking rude to use s celebrity as a place to discuss political matters. Tasteless. Run for president and make your difference! Smh
  • abrakadavid_El unico negro que no me cae bien...
  • lushstrands@thats_so_mimi how is a picture with the caption 'bawse' ="discussing political matters"? Besides everyone: celebrities and otherwise have a right to discuss matters that affect their safety, family, livelihood and general quality of life.
  • missbrown1987#obama
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