At America's got talent with @heidiklum and @officialmelb 😈😈😈
  • petewentzAt America's got talent with @heidiklum and @officialmelb 😈😈😈

  • tressaaahhhIts amazing how graphic and grotesque some of these comme nt
  • tressaaahhhCommets ae
  • tressaaahhhA
  • tressaaahhhComments are on here and coming from girls! Ladies don't you know that the more you talk and come off as loose the more a man thinks of as a whore and not a person, I get it's a free country and freedom of speech and yes Pete is a very attractive guy but you don't have to post such filthy things like how you wanna f*** him or how your going to bang him. You have to think that's someone's son and boyfriend,
  • aleeza08Heidi's tall 😯
  • aleeza08Did Peter Panda get even more handsome or am I just hallucinating? 🐼❀
  • javin_amaroOh godh for a minute i thought andy was wearing a shirt but its his tattoose
  • taylorbrooke_17I feel like a loner a lot. I don't have any friends that share the same love as I do. I'm seriously love Pete wentz! I know everything about him. I wish I could see you in concert Pete wentz. But I'm not allowed to go to concerts yet. My wish is to one day get a hug from you. If I could have that...I would seriously faint. I have loved you ever since the day you guys came out with the song "this ain't a scene, its an arm race". Also, you and Megan are such a cute couple. I hope you guys last and maybe one day get married. When I see pictures of you, my heart starts beating so fast. And maybe if I'm lucky enough you will respond to my comments that I post on your pictures, even though its not very often. But I just wanted to let you know that your my number 1 celebrity crush and honestly nobody compares to you. You have been through alot in your life and I hope only good things come your way:) I LOVE YOU PETER LEWIS KINGSTON WENTZ the 3rd!!!!! Hope your having fun on your tour BYEE!!!
  • amberr.leigh@awesomekid2749 hahah yeah that happens a lot to me
  • toopunk4thisOmg I was there and you guys sound freaking amazing live!!!!!
  • fashion_passion_designsYou guys were great
  • _.http.jas._U and patrick look soo cute!
  • _avoriie__Peeaaaattttwwwiicckk!!!! You are so cute!!!
  • jadeee.slaysssU look better than all of them u so hot
  • piercthe.vicPatrick and pete r just the cutiest (died) πŸ’žπŸ˜±
  • ldremmaawh andy
  • ldremmaHAHX
  • reallifeponyocracker
  • haiii_its_sarah@danielacurrran patrick tho
  • danielacurran@haiii_its_sarah cries
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