My first Kimono for my first time in #Tokyo !!!!!
  • ninaMy first Kimono for my first time in #Tokyo !!!!!

  • gabriellybeatrizHappy Birthday Nina 👏🎉💖 The best 💁😍💕 I love you so much 💖
  • nazcskn.xN
  • nazcskn.xI
  • nazcskn.xN
  • nazcskn.xA
  • nazcskn.xD
  • nazcskn.xO
  • nazcskn.xB
  • nazcskn.xR
  • nazcskn.xE
  • nazcskn.xV
  • marissa.rouxyou are so perfect and my inspiration you are such an amazing person❤️😍😘
  • aminafox@vega794 бл*ть, цени меня
  • makimiyam0t0You wore a white kimono??? I bought a white kimono👘 🇯🇵
  • crystal_reed_fans_😍💕
  • katerina__katerina_I haven't ever been in Tokyo....
  • jessicanaydenI know that you probably won't see this but I just want you to have the possibility to know that you are my idol! you are the most kind hearted, sweet and funny person! your literally the definition of perfection. Every time I'm feeling kinda down or whenever I just need inspiration, I look at you! you inspire me in so many ways I can't even describe. you inspire me to be myself and never forget to laugh. and something that really inspired me was your speech at the 2015 Tca! your speech made me cry because it was so beautiful and how you described change through life was just so inspiring. whenever I think of you or your speech or anything with you, I automatically feel happy!
  • olyakhrytoshynaWow😀
  • leehirotaGod loves you soooo much
  • mauliktprajapatiHppyyy bdy nina love of my life @ninadobrev
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