On set at a #LCLaurenConrad photo shoot. #flowers #prop #Kohls
  • kohlsOn set at a #LCLaurenConrad photo shoot. #flowers #prop #Kohls

  • sarahleitingerDo you have any capris in your store
  • kohlsWe have lots of capris! What kind are you looking for? Fashion or workout? @sal1331
  • sarahleitingerFashion like jean ones for juniors
  • kohlsWe like these Hydraulic Studded Capris (Web ID 93882902). If those don't float your boat, go to kohls.com and search for "cropped jeans." We have more options in that style and they are all super cute. Hope this helps @sal1331!
  • trish62170I went to Khols today and got my kids school clothes. However I was not happy with the the cashiers attitude. I showed her a coupon I got from my iPhone when I logged onto the wifi at Kohls. She told me that the coupon was not from the school and she wasn't going to accept it. She was very adamant about it. Until she called over a co worker to assist. In the end it was accosted.i never had an issue at kohls until today. Every time I use the kohls wifi a $5 off coupon is provided and I use it. No problems til today. I felt embarrassed and humiliated by the way I was treated. I frequent Kohls, love the store, but the store on Staten Island NY need to be aware of the cashiers attitudes. Staten Island is where I went and frequent.
  • trish62170I had a pair of sketchers shoes that I was going to buy that I put back. Because of the way I was treated. She maws me feel like I was committing coupon fraud.
  • shopthejewelrybar_@kohls in Elizabeth NJ rude workers and cashiers there hate coupons.:/
  • crazydoglady1230Love the lc line
  • brendasue73I love this store.
  • chelseael85Bridgeton, Manchester & Creve Coeur, MO have great employees!
  • 1sherivI really wish Kohls would have petites in my Waynesboro, VA store that were more for women in their 30's and 40's and not so much senior citizens.
  • _debilu76_I shop a Kohls in Las Cruces & El Paso and everyone at those stores have always been awesome! Because I live so far from a Kohls, they even let me use my Kohls cash after the expiration! I love Kohls and the people who work there. Sorry some of you are having issues.
  • kohlsHey @jennaamanda799, we absolutely do! When you're picking out High-Low skirts, make sure to go for skirts that have a noticeably shorter front than back. I recommend picking a style that goes to your knees or above in the front – any lower and you will look shorter than you actually are. My personal favorites are the Stooshy Hi-Low Chiffon Skirt (Web ID 94226668) and the Lily Rose Hi-Low Maxi Skirt (Web ID 93759980). Both are extremely versatile and can easily transition from summer into fall. Don't hesitate to reach out with other questions. Always here to help! :)
  • kohlsSorry to hear that @trish62170. We are passing this along to our Customer Service team. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  • kohlsThanks @seasidemama76! We take pride in our in-store experience, and love to hear that our associates in Las Cruces and El Paso are doing it right. Keep up the great shopping :)
  • trish62170Thank you for your reply. I didn't want to make a big fuss but I wanted to it to Kohls attention.
  • kohlsWe appreciate it @trish62170! We hope your next trip into the store is much better than last time! Keep us posted, please!
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