@derekhough and @mrjacko having fun at the #dwts InstaStop
  • dancingabc@derekhough and @mrjacko having fun at the #dwts InstaStop

  • jessica123999@ashlee_gonia thank you! 😊
  • douggoeThank you
  • pitcher.love.41_53I'm happy Derek got a partner that evens the playing field. He always gets the easy partners. I think this could be a good season
  • tia.barbsHe doesn't always get easy partners. At the end of the day no matter with who is he partner up he is the best in that show. No one even gets closed to him, his coreographies are awesome, unforgettable ones! So happy he is back so I can see him dance!
  • mrsturner88@tower_dork thank you!!! I've been saying that all morning lol
  • pitcher.love.41_53He may be a great choreographer but it doesn't hurt that he more times than not, gets the Tiny, athletic somewhat experienced dancers.
  • luvdhoughPerhaps they give him the best looking and personable gals because he is the best on there and has a sense of humor too!
  • toomuchyinShe is lovely & deserves the best as much as anyone else. All I can say is...YOU GO GIRL!
  • kristen.benjesWhat day is it on!!!?
  • livelyhood@titibarbs let the haters hate. His true fans know different. I have up long time trying to talk sense into them. But you may as well talk to the wall
  • badaj00I dunno why I thought Derek wouldn't do this season~
  • tairsahar@msamberpriley
  • juliemittsgetsfitThank you Jesus that Derek is doing another season! Love him!
  • nanamaryannShe's bigger than Kelli -- can he do lifts? He's not very big!
  • ashleyyrobinson_@nanamaryann he is really strong tho. Dancing does a body good
  • hashtag_lovely_2314HE IS STILL ON!!!!!!!!
  • mcdowsandy702Love Derek#1myfav
  • bryzie_beeThe way he's looking at her in this picture>>>> but they wouldn't be really good siblings also...
  • bryzie_beewould*
  • movie_girl_04Derek is soooooo cute ♥
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