What do you think about Justin Bieber using the N-Word in his new song? #ahhqotd
  • allhiphopcomWhat do you think about Justin Bieber using the N-Word in his new song? #ahhqotd

  • bigh305He's an idiot for using that word. Looks like a Vanilla Ice wanna be.
  • initahaterHe should be dropped in the Chi & left to fend 4 himself.
  • james_h47The guy is a fuckin retard
  • ronbenefit_68He's a Fuckn clown
  • sunshine_sunbeamWhat's the problem!! Everybody says it nowadays stop giving that word so much power! I'm mean wtf he said it and what? He still makes money and everyone still talks about him
  • gee_granzHe needs to get his punk ass whipped smmfh
  • trentthagentHe don't get no pass treat em like Paula deen
  • trentthagent@initahater hell yeah or Cincinnati better yet Cali right in south central
  • lorenbarton1Can't possibly think less of him than I already do
  • d_franchizeAs long as he dnt put the -er at the end of dat word n keeps it -ga ..u feel me...an i can careless bout diz lil nigga(oh yea a niggaz DoNT come
  • d_franchizeIn one color)
  • d_franchizeNigger is ignorant....so if u feel u ignorant than thats a personal problem
  • allhiphopcomIt's real out chea!
  • admafia210I think he should kill himself just for breathing....
  • iheartjasLike Paul mooney said "everyone wanna be a nigga but nobody wanna be a nigga"
  • whenagogettawantsyou@iheartjas LOL!!! True!
  • panick78504i think u shouldnt bielieb what u hear ...thats not him its khalil underwood do your #Research before u jump to conclusions
  • kisha909The next vanilla ice....
  • otis_theloniusWhen the shots ring out...I'm sure the "Nigga" in him will be nowhere to be found
  • k.mecca_Hes an idiot im black that shit dont work fo me #bitchpls ill smack thm fakeass grillz out of his fuckn mouth
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