Perhaps a new American national slogan: "we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And, well, drunks with automatic weapons". ?
  • mobyPerhaps a new American national slogan: "we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And, well, drunks with automatic weapons". ?

  • wilkpicsTotal facepalm at Austin Stank. Like the government is going to come take you kicking and screening into some hellhole and you will need to defend yourself with an assault rifle. Americans are by far the most paranoid people on the entire planet
  • joannabasile#vegaslife
  • littlecommandoWow.
  • cybress_gill@dukakozir
  • oliver3silvaThe education is the most efficient weapon to "kill" the dangerous people... Even if you are drunk.
  • digitalabsI agree gun control but my dad told me once that i should learn how to use one because you never know when something terrible happens and you're in need to defend yourself.
  • count_alexanderso, did you go and shoot? ha ha.
  • thebellefaceThen go to 4600 Spring Mountain Road for vegan donuts at Ronald's.
  • corpenycOy.
  • irish_sun@austinstank Knowledge is the true power along with influence & trust ...
  • austinstank@kalhooon @irish_sun @wilkpics It happened in Germany, it happened in China, it is happening in Syria and various countries in Africa right now. Rebellions, government coups, and civil wars happen all across the world. Do not be a sheep, do not be ignorant of history. The world is a violent place. Live your life peacefully but be able to protect your family because wars happen. Knowledge IS power, but when bullets are flying at you it isn't going to do you any good unless you can fire back.
  • wilkpicsThere is not going to be a fucking civil war in America in your lifetime that would necessitate owning an assault rifle to "protect" your family from some invisible evil government that apparently would kill your wife and kids. Since 1776 how many occasions where there in America where the government opened fire on innocent people's homes for no good reason? Not that many. Waco was one but that was a while ago. There is no reasoning with you gun nuts. You've chosen to live your entire life in fear and paranoia and while hide in your home with your guns and big locks convinced that the government is going to kill you. North America is a buttfuckload different than the non-democratic nations of Syria, China, and the dictatorships in Africa. It's like comparing absurdly different scenarios. Like some guy in the desert in Arizona buying a gigantic massive winter jacket and a snow blower despite it never having snowed in his town ever and you ask him "why is that necessary?" and he says "well it gets real cold in Antarctica and it snows there so it COULD happen here too". Yes that makes TOTAL FUCKING SENSE. You should totally have gigantic human killing machines in your home at your disposable because some guy named Assad in Syria in a dictatorship killed his own people and your country is ruled by Momjeans Obama who was elected in a democracy is totally likely going to do the same thing. Riiiiiiiiiight
  • count_alexander#woah
  • keremsoyyilmazWho thinks he needs a gun is stupid. That is for sure.
  • kalhooonGuns did not perpetuate what happened in Germany, they were merely a tool. Let me explain: Germany was in the hole financially after WWI, which produced high inflation, depression, and unemployment. These are known as difficult life conditions, which essentially left the German society susceptible to the influence from people like Hitler, who came in claiming he could restore order and jobs. You think he went in there all guns blazing? No. He went in with his charisma and earned people's trust in order to carry out his beliefs and agenda. As for China and Syria, their cultures are vastly different from the US, which makes quite a difference in regards to this topic. @austinstank
  • austinstankHitler confiscated guns. That is the point I was making. An unarmed society is a susceptible society. @kalhooon
  • kalhooonI think you may need to read up a little more on Hitler and gun control. The media has it twisted to serve their purposes and as a result, people such as yourself are misinformed. @austinstank
  • kalhooonThere were gun control laws in Germany before Hitler, then when he rose to power he more or less changed them to suit his needs--any Jews or people he considered an enemy were prohibited from possessing firearms. Additionally, while Hitler was in power the legal purchase age was lower from 20 to 18, and the permit lengths were extended to three years instead of one. The argument that the Jews could have fought back and prevented that situation had they possessed firearms is ancillary at best. If the Russians couldn't do it with tanks and artillery, then the Jewish-German civilians didn't stand a chance. @austinstank
  • austinstankExactly. Gun control was already in place after WWI- he used it to prevent Jews from owning guns. The Jews DID however start making their own homemade submachineguns, and smuggling them in from elsewhere, and fighting back against the Nazis. In fact, in the picture Moby posted the gun at the top of the middle row is a British Sten gun, which the resistance fighters used. It was easy to disassemble and smuggle into Germany in parts. By the way, the Russians did defeat the Nazis. @kalhooon
  • kalhooonI worded that wrong. If the Russians who had military training and equipment fought and still lost 7 million, then the what chance did the Jews have? Besides, what good would a gun do when they're torching neighborhoods? @austinstank
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