Light shines bright!
  • shaycarlLight shines bright!

  • day_bug@erikabaird86 I have to show ID to go into costco, does that mean costco is a cult too? I have to be a MEMBER to go there. I don't see what the problem is if the LDS church wants to keep their sacred grounds sacred. I am an inactive member, but that does not mean that I cannot walk into the church building and attend their meetings. They would welcome me like a long lost friend. I know and believe that to be true and I don't even ATTEND church anymore. I brought friends to church as a child and the only places we couldn't go into were broom closets. When I was an active member I went to the temple when I felt truly WORTHY of such beauty. Do not judge something you don't understand, if you wanted to know more you'd be MORE than welcome to visit any church and they'd educate you. But only do it with a kind heart, not with ulterior motives of trying to prove them wrong. They won't be affected by what you say, like water on a duck it will just roll off their back.
  • pictureitsicily1912@bennettsheppard I think it's weird that you were born with horns, carry cards, WORSHIP WARREN JEFFS, eat green jello & peas, and are judged because you won't tell everyone about your church!!! Hahaha jk I'm MORMON TOO !!! & peolple wonder why we don't tell them about the temple... they don't deserve to know if they start those rumors about us, they'll just ruin a sacred thing !!! <3 #mormonhatersarecruel
  • bennettsheppardHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOSH I thought you serious for a second that made me laugh so hard and I know maybe people should just ask for once we are happy to explain and share @mackennasmommy
  • pictureitsicily1912@bennettsheppard I LOVE our stereotypes! Especially the one that is about the garments in the temple! I don't dare to repeat it, it's terribly foul but I cherish them because just means that someone somewhere had a TERRIFIC imagination !!! #blessingfromgod haha :)
  • wtexassweetieI'm not Mormon but I have family who are. I am a Christian though and I love my family and fellow Christians. My Aunt has expressed with great pride how special the Temple is to them. When the new Temple was built in Lubbock, Tx I was invited to visit before it was closed to members, by some missionaries who had visited a few times. I truly would have loved to have gone but was unable to do so. We may not all have the same belief systems but why do we have to spread hate when a picture of beauty is shared. Isn't there enough hate in the world that we could all stop hating and enjoy beauty and respect one another. No one has tried to force their beliefs on you so why spew ugliness toward others?
  • ashliekaywestonLove this picture! I'm from Utah and love your family!
  • karenfgriff_68When I was a young girl and into my teens, my family were Mormons. I was baptized at the temple in Utah. I am Canadian and we went there to visit missionary friends. It was an amazing experience. We are no longer members of the church, I'm not sure of the reasons why. My parents were elders and they wore the garments. I miss family home evenings, and having elders and missionaries visit from all over. As Mormons our value system revolved around family. Spending time doing activities together. We are still very close to this day.
  • karenfgriff_68I owe that bond to have been a Mormon. Families today are not as close or spend that time together. It's what you value that is important. The Butlers prove that coldness every day. Thank you.
  • karenfgriff_68Not coldness, closeness.
  • drod979Is Jesus the spirit brother of satan??
  • andreajensen_@karenfg68 that's awesome:) and I agree! I think you should try getting back into church and going to church. Being mormon blesses me in so many ways
  • quinton_burdette@drod979 if we all came from God then we are all the spirit brother of Satan.. Including Jesus. If you read the bible you know that Satan and his angels were cast out from heaven. If he lived in heaven with God, then yes, he was a spirit son of God, making him a spirit brother who was cast out and removed. So of course he is.
  • drod979@quinton_burdette hmmmm so Jesus is creator or created??
  • sunnia.chouso great!!!
  • breeveronicaTIL Shay Carl is Mormon lol mind blown
  • hannah_abeWhat's at the top?
  • jacobmilligan@hannah_18058 I know I'm late but I'm just looking through his pics.. It's the angel Moroni, a gold played statue is put on each temple
  • hannah_abeOh thanks @jacobmilligan
  • genious0_0Lol did the same thing with purple clouds and a sunset
  • ashleyaviles50Where is this at
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