Bringing a little #ootd style to the weekend. #Kohls
  • kohlsBringing a little #ootd style to the weekend. #Kohls

  • sharon_houston@kohls do those heels come in other colors
  • kohlsHey @sharon_houston! They sure do! They also come in red and black. Enter the Web ID 94040377 for more info.
  • kohlsGood eye @bebekins!!! We share your love!!!
  • jackcruz9@kohls who makes the skirt. Lovely outfit.
  • kohlsThis is a Joe Benbasset Pencil Skirt and it's only available online. Enter the Web ID 94435891 for sizing and to make this skirt a part of your closet @jackcruz9 :-)
  • jessiecupcake14@kohls what brand is the top?
  • kohlsIt's by Romantic Rebel and it is ONLINE ONLY! So enter the Web ID 94184835 into to see other colors and pricing @jessiecupcake14!
  • emma_paige14That shirt is so amazing! I love it! How much is it? @kohls
  • kohlsIt would look amazing in your closet @emma_paige__! It is on sale for $16.80 but it is online only so make sure to enter the Web ID 94184835 into ASAP.
  • emma_paige14Ok. That's so much @kohls
  • kohlsYou girls have the right idea @the_fit_diva_ @jderuso! We'd love to see what you find :-)
  • kohlsAlways here to help @emma_paige__ !
  • tincasvinenzleo@kohls love the outfit posts !!!
  • kohlsThanks @tinaluvincenzo!
  • lizbolotin@kohls what's the name of the shoes? I only see red or black I want white.
  • lizbolotin@kohls what's the name of the shoes? I can only find red or black? I want white.
  • jessiecupcake14@kohls id buy it but kohls website does not have free shipping and i dont wanna spend 75 dollars to get free shipping. And i dont wanna go to the kiosk. :(
  • kohlsHey @lizbolotin – sry for the delay! We were busy organizing our closet. These #ELLE Studded High Heels are now only available in black, black patent and red. Black would still look super fab with this outfit! If you're looking for the beige/white color, try these sassy #ELLE heels (Web ID 93482938).
  • kohlsWe know shipping is a bummer @jessiecupcake14 :( We are always trying to improve our website experience for our awesome shoppers and this is totally something we are looking into. Thanks for giving us your feedback.
  • wifeykate324I've been looking for this outfit want this outfit FOR WEEKS in two different Kohl's stores & online with no luck. :( HELP! Is the skirt & tank by #ELLE also? @kohls
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