Nothing is stopping you.... #Detroit #HOF #FFOE #GOOD
  • bigseanNothing is stopping you.... #Detroit #HOF #FFOE #GOOD

  • chalka13Nice album u let out best songs Milf and mula remix
  • bieberdaddyLove ya babe.
  • slimnotskinnyDope
  • darcell_aaliyahHope you have a kick ass in Vancouver#VanCity
  • mariapapathanasiou@completevii ILLY BEHIND THE CAMERA ... 💯
  • maysoeI love you ❤🎵🎶
  • yung.savage.for.lifeFuck ya
  • new swagger you ain't seen or heard before dray davinci next big thing doing it his own way #rebelcartel
  • nya.mcgI wasss there!!! Yassss
  • tara_m14^ dont stop
  • ________l____cBest concert of my life #home#town#Detroit
  • mackswagginnWussup man I just want to let you know you motivate me everyday cause I listen to you everyday and I'm a up coming artist that is going to change the game I promise watch you are someone that I could call a mentor if we ever got connected cause when you speak I really feel it and i write songs now that are just shocking to me and I know imma get out there and when I do I want to get in the right hands and iknow your gonna be someone I want to get in contact with cause it seems like you grew up how I'm growing up !! You really are the truth bro and I want to say thank you cause you speak into my heart and you show me how to get through things and that's amazing ... If your reading this I want you to watch my last video and if you like it please let me know if you don't let me know so I can work harder and harder and I'm still doing that it will just be great to hear some feedback coming from my favorite artist!! ✊My nigga
  • mackswagginnRead this bro!!
  • arielleshoikhetthank you for creating the sickest music
  • fivestarrmomI loved your show in the D, i am very proud of you.. I really respect the love you have for your mom.. I am from the D, DETROIT -VS-EVERYBODY! My name is sharon i am Nick's mom and Will's god mom. Keep up the great work i eill be at the next concert in the D the last one here with Drake and Nikki was dope.. Wishin you well be blessed!
  • fivestarrmom#pluggedinfamily @bigsean
  • sharp_villian#NothingIsFuckinStoppinYou
  • jamaal_gu3Aye someone tell me what top this niggas wearing, i'ma have to makes me a purchase!
  • nickbakkoBlade dance
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