Andrew Crescenzi speaks with the media after the shootout win over the Penguins
  • mapleleafsAndrew Crescenzi speaks with the media after the shootout win over the Penguins

  • mylesraymo@spicy_mchaggis. I'm sorry. I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan myself. When @bcatto17 was being a fuck head it pissed me off, no one needs a shit head like that on a comment thread. Does anyone know when the leafs open up there preseason and who they play against?
  • spicy_mchaggisPreseason starts Sept. 15 with a back to back against the Flyers.
  • ciarancullen_Go caps
  • bcatto17Listen here @mylesraymo you show me that dick or ill confuse you with a queer
  • bcatto17Ya fag
  • little_boy135678I don't like Toronto Pittsburg
  • 10austinhasen10U
  • 10austinhasen10@bcatto17 ur such a fucking retard if u don't like the leafs stop fucking commenting go fuck ur self at lest this kid can get drafted u get picked last in a fucking pick up game u.
  • bcatto17Actually he didnt get drafted he was a free agent signing you retard @10ahazer10 so now who's the retard? Good try though thanks for coming out, go do a hard lap, lick your moms tits and sit down
  • 10austinhasen10How did he get to free agents dumbass he got drafted before idiot @bcatto17 go fuck ur self u fucking fag
  • bcatto17From the leafs website... "Brian Burke announced Friday that the team has signed free agent forward Andrew Crescenzi to a three-year entry level contract." Not drafted, free agent signing out of junior. Check mate you bag licker
  • rkillins07Wow am I loving this @bcatto17
  • omegaisjust@ahazer10 Andrew Crescenzi was never drafted by any NHL team, know your facts if you're going to argue with a troll. @bcatto17 you proved your point, ahazer10 is an idiot... can we get back to hockey? Troll if you want, it's your choice but really, why bother? Chances are, you're a loser in your day to day life and choose to belittle others online because there are no real consequences.
  • bcatto17Alright cool guy thanks for the life lesson. Fuckin geek @omegaisjust
  • 10austinhasen10Fuck off @bcatto17
  • omegaisjust@bcatto17 take your 1 goal and 2 assists in 51 games and beat it ya bum! Hahahaha...
  • omegaisjustHahaha, you tube this bum... Brett Catto what a bum...
  • omegaisjustEvery bout he gets KO'd lmao... no wonder he got cut... go flip burgers meat head @bcatto17
  • omegaisjustPlayed University actually there bud! 3 years with the Waterloo Warriors. Received a masters degree out of it, what do you have? Brain damage? Lmao! Want fries with that!? @bcatto17
  • kthrnlmbs@laurenmizener
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