This is what post man fro brought today. The sigma 18-35 f1.8
  • jaredpolinThis is what post man fro brought today. The sigma 18-35 f1.8

  • unclecabeI want one
  • chantal_steinhauerI'm so jealous!!! 📷
  • _siverson_Send me one!
  • cabiharusdirejamI cant imagine how it can be used
  • photogjthegreatI posted a review of this a few weeks crop sensor lens I ever used!
  • jeffreleephotoWish it fit fullframe!!!
  • robergambaSend one here, please...
  • tokloiuWant one of these soooo baad
  • mrdavey@twin757 @amandawilsonphotos I have a canon 35mm f/1.4L it is awesome! I wouldn't buy a sigma, but that's me.
  • samuelfungcl@kaijenkai what a beast
  • atylerphotographyDecisions decisions lol I only use L Lenses but a macro 100 is something I would only shoot for close objects and doubt I'd hardly use it. We shall see. Lol great work on ur page! @mrdavey
  • amandawilsonphotos@mrdavey awww yes. Very nice lens. I didn't want to pay the extra 400 dollars to get a lens with a red ring though:/ It is a fact that the Canon has more color fringing. I have L's that I wouldn't trade for the world but I really like to research first. I'm going to do a lens comparison in the next couple weeks. Sigma 35 vs canon 35 on the mark iii. Sigma is really stepping up. I just reread this and it looks like I'm being a jerk lol. I do not intend to come off that way. If you can afford all the L's, by all means....go for it! If you want to have a few lenses in your bag that work fantastic and you can save a little Mulah, sigma is the way to go. Or don't listen to anyone and do the research. I like to go to the camera store and do performance comparisons. :)
  • mrdavey@amandawilsonphotos oh no, you didn't come off as a jerk or anything. I just like matching my canon with canon. Definitely look forward to the comparison!
  • mrdaveyThanks @twin757 The 100mm macro is on my list to get!
  • atylerphotography@amandawilsonphotos hey let me know pros and cons then you do the comparison plz. I live outside of DC and wish we had a camera store where I could test the lenses out. Lol
  • anipetom@macboheng @nurifinmahmud @arifmuda
  • austinw.photoPost Man Fro with the 'Sigma Lens'
  • esaskhanAWESOME
  • mapr26@aridga
  • saeenMy future glass
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