🌞 Fun in the sun 🌞 #HesLearning2swim #italy
  • oclydia🌞 Fun in the sun 🌞 #HesLearning2swim #italy

  • missmollyriddMy husband and I went there for our honeymoon last year. We loved it, so beautiful & the locals are so nice! Enjoy your stay!
  • one_and_only_manny76omg i loveeee this pic
  • alyssacmillerYou are so freakin' adorable @oclydia ! I love your hat 👒
  • kristendianemckay@oclydia where is your hat from? I love it!!
  • ramblinmomYou little boy is so cute!
  • kelseyborresonSuch a beautiful family.
  • amberwilliams1985You guys are so precious
  • melimargott11Great pic
  • susiemo8Aw so cute
  • chartrandtina2 beauties! !
  • gpsmattieAdorable! I'm so glad you joined rhoc, your my new favorite housewife :) I love your positive energy!
  • lindseybenachYou are too cute!!!
  • alicjaxoU are wayyy prettier than Gretchen, & more importantly u seem very intelligent & kind! I cried when u started crying after your Mom got yelled at! 😭 Ryan is cray, or perhaps he has PTSD!? I bet Vicki & Briana are so embarrassed
  • mmja4everYour Lil son looks like Daddy✌😍😘❤💋
  • mmja4everBtw- Ryan or anybody for that matter had no right to treat your mom like that! Your reaction was heartfelt! There's no excuse Ryan can give for his actions! To take out his frustrations on your mom was disgusting behavior!!! I hope he has deeply apologized to you both✌😍😘❤💋
  • skilakiOh u r so lucky this place is on my bucket list Enjoy!
  • jesslynn0507Love the hat!
  • olive431So cute by the way I love your hat so cute
  • bre.xo90OMG I love you ur my favorite on the show I'm not tryn sound wired or like a crazy fan haha but ur so dwn to earth n ur mom tho she smoke weed well use to lol Awsome aha I'm a smoker my self but I just want u to know ur a wounder full person n very beautiful n blessed ! So is ur mommy :) @oclydia I would 🙊🙉🙈😊😢u replied can't wait see u nxt seasons ! LYDIA BIG FAN 🍁😍💚👋
  • geniachristineOh, he's precious @oclydia! #beautifulboy
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