Felt good to compete well at the @supergirlpro sponsored by @gobankofficial 
Me focused before paddling out for my heat last week.
  • bethanyhamiltonFelt good to compete well at the @supergirlpro sponsored by @gobankofficial
    Me focused before paddling out for my heat last week.

  • scga_jessieU r great surfer I was there and I watched u
  • khiggins123100I was thre
  • sm_luisaYou are amazing!
  • payitaht_1453Harika çok çok çok guzel
  • valentinaquinonezOh come on!! You are fantastic!!!
  • kassadybrayI took a shower using only one arm the other day, to prove that having just one arm is tuff.
  • thinkreeseI love this shot!
  • misssunshine_Wow! I saw the movie about you and i dont now what a cant say <333
  • misssunshine_*know
  • misssunshine_*Can Sorry...
  • julia.giffordYou are completely my role model!
  • mariahgoughOmg Bethany u r a true inspiration to everyone around the world including me. When I heard your story I thought to myself that I should never give up and keep trying 2 arms or 1 you are still a human being and u can still do whatever you set your mind too. I told my friends and family your story and they could not believe it that u kept going and didnt let anything stop you. I truly l❤ve you Bethany and u r my role model
  • mick_1956Great pic!
  • kaylee.odonohueDo u surf for fun or do u surf to prove to the people who thought u couldn't do it wrong? 💔 @bethanyhamilton
  • sundaymorninglush@lawrenceknutsen check out her story
  • valerie.tamayoI just wanted to say u r the most inspiring person. I've read your books and watched the movies and I never knew someone could b so strong and amazing you were born to b an inspiration and a hero. That what god gave to you as a gift. And let me tell u he succeeded. Ilysm. You inspire me everyday to do more to do something i couldn't do yesterday. And to never ever give up thank you 💕✨
  • fanny_mzgrIs surf easy to learn ? It's one of my dreams ..
  • alohataniaYou are the best!!!
  • smantha_zzzzWow super bethany
  • nicolee.alyssa07You're such an inspiration to me 💕👏 you're amazing and beautiful!! I also loved you on amazing race 💪
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