LOTD for @enews. Dress: Three Floor 
Ring: Zara 
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi
  • giulianarancicLOTD for @enews. Dress: Three Floor
    Ring: Zara
    Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

  • kimievansUm, yes. Love it.
  • sketchingqueenHon, u r looking a bit thin. It is okay to be a little chubby then to be . . . Uh . . . That thin. I still love u and ur adorbs baby
  • antonioramirez17You look too skinny and it looks gross. . @giulianarancic
  • hawkandhawkYou look smoking hot, I bet you husband thinks 100% the same.
  • ronald_black0107Love the dress look smoking hot on you i think you deserve best dressed for the year
  • paulodelahozanorexica!
  • ferchellexoYou need to eat something
  • lyndiwatersLooking great! Love & want that dress, G!
  • brandyy_candyyThe fk happened to her? Why u so skinny? I pray its a choice and not health. Beautiful woman but damn...I think society wants this as the perfect body but I hate to tell you my size 16 voluptuous self is average baby not a triple negative 0
  • a_o324Bitch needs to eat sandwhicj
  • vintageburlesqueNo ones bussiness but her own... Hate comments where you think you have the right to be rude because they are well known. Should never give your opinion on something or someone unless they ask.
  • cferreirarnSo right @ayyyo_brandyycandyy . Wtf happened to this woman. Definetly @aoliver_23
  • cferreirarnNasty knee caps
  • laughbrite101@aoliver_23 and jacka** needs to stay humble like his profile says. All of you bashing her should be ashamed. Before judging others and pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean. Her personal body is hers. Not ours. No one truly knows what her doctors are telling her about her weight. And I'm sure most of you bashing her don't live a perfect, healthy life. For whatever reason you all think she is too thin, look at yourselves. I know I am just as unhealthy for eating that macaroni and cheese and having that glass of wine the other night. Look at yourselves first and try not to be so harsh and rude- no one is perfect and we all have our personal struggles and none of us truly know hers.
  • aziza3465Something s fatty world say he he
  • aziza3465Big is awesome
  • aziza3465I love fitting my clothes and having curves
  • aziza3465No mistaking me for a o prepubescent boy
  • aziza3465's any man who think she's hot is has homosexual tendencies
  • rochioss@cferreirarn dude you have been commenting on all her pics wtf are you jealous or something every pic has a negative comment from you wtf if you don't like how she looks why are you still on her page gtfo
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