A hawk in the trees on the Kent campus.
  • kentstateA hawk in the trees on the Kent campus.

  • tp3aceWhat kind of hawk is it?
  • kentstate@tp3ace I'm pretty sure it's a young, red-tailed hawk.
  • tp3aceI thought hawks support to be living in mountainous/plain area. I too am astounded to see two red-tailed hawks when I walked to the Music & Speech Building? Why are these hawks native to suburban area?
  • joelbradyFall semester is comin baby!!
  • kentstate@tp3ace They live all across the US, but I would guess that they hang out on the Kent campus because of the abundance of squirrels.
  • tp3aceI thought the red-tailed hawks live at Kent because of its relative, the Golden Flashes.
  • kentstate@tp3ace LOL, also true!
  • lisakeversonThis is a juvenile Red Tail hawk and most hawks are prevalent wherever there are enough trees and small prey. Kent is more of a suburban to rural area and has an abundance of wild life. We have even had a wondering Black Bear on occasion in the area. One of the many reasons I love Kent.
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