Having a grand ol' time with my great friends @leablackmiami and @divaelaine #rhom #tv #premier #party #bravo #glam #fashion #chic
  • karentsierraHaving a grand ol' time with my great friends @leablackmiami and @divaelaine #rhom #tv #premier #party #bravo #glam #fashion #chic

  • chrisba77Is the premier tonight?
  • mrsrazorrobGORGEOUS😍👍
  • hdycas52Sucks your not going to be on it as much this year, would rather see you than that the blonde cuban lady forgot her name!
  • cmadrid562@karentsierra where could I find out the real reason why you won't be part of this upcoming season? I don't believe cheap rumors... I'm one of your loyal fans :-)
  • karentsierra@cmadrid562 you're so sweet my love. Focusing on other tv projects, not interested in dealing with some of the women that are filled with negativity and bitterness.
  • mariitafranco2123@karentsierra what an admirable decision. Best of luck on your future endeavors. Do you still have your office in the Gables?
  • karentsierra@mariita2123 thank you, and yes, I still have my office. 😃😷
  • adyedSmart move my friend...that's not you.
  • letlujanBest of luck to you @karentsierra You will be missed
  • alitebeat82@karentsierra thank you! Best of luck. I commend you for sticking around for the season, you'll be missed, but glad you don't have to be stuck around negative energy. Create that positive one you're known for. Godspeed.
  • kamatoliYou won't be back this season?? No!!!! It won't be the same!! :( best of luck in your future endeavors!! Always a fan!! @karentsierra
  • femalevoicesgh@karentsierra It's so great to see you all over tv shows in different languages being sweet and smart as always, not being under attack. Let Alexas and Adriana gossip and scream all they want not having you to aim at. Xoxo
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