Johnny Depp is my mailman...
  • gigasnailJohnny Depp is my mailman...

  • ummwhatclearly he is preparing for a new role in a movie about a postal worker who does lots of drugs and goes crazy!
  • gigasnailIf he is he is doing a damn good job. Best mail man to date.
  • yourdezzyPut it on reddit!
  • ashtontylerLol
  • bigfern559This got featured on the app ifunny yesterday
  • bigfern559This guy is getting Alot of attention on his twitter since this pic got featured on time you see him take a pic with him and post it on the ifunny app, Guaranteed feature... He'll be expecting it lol
  • gigasnailSure let meals his permission first
  • hudsonka88@gigasnail -- he just e-mailed me with his permission! Can you e-mail me at khudson@webershandwick when you have a chance so I can get your signed permission as well? Thanks!
  • hudsonka88@gigasnail Hey there! Just making sure you got my comment. Whenever you have a chance, I would love to pass along the USPS release form so we can get this up on their Facebook page. I know the community would love to see this!!
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