Anyone catch the news yesterday?
  • jetblueAnyone catch the news yesterday?

  • saltlakecitydave1st Class cabin coming for transcontinental flights JFK-LAX, JFK-SFO etc...
  • katedunphyPretty exciting @jetblue - I just hope I can afford those swanky new SFO - JFK seats!!
  • jakefernandes.11My dad works for it so I get to fly 1st class lol
  • stu4blu✈💗✈💗
  • hazeleyezlovestosmileA very nice a321when is wifi coming @jetblue
  • ohlivvyuh@canelidescope told ya jet blue is the best. Flyin first class to la and back to NYC from now on
  • cathyyyyyDidnt perceive it as "good news" because it means less seats available at low prices!!!! I don't need a bed when I fly for a couple of hours for twice the price.
  • nickcanel@ohlivvyuh gunnaaa be siiiicccckkk
  • bradyrob4Cathy, first class will be available in the A321 plane. This will allow for more "coach" and "even more space" seats than the A320, (their current biggest plane), even with first class and "suites".
  • blanteriCan not wait for this- I love emriates and Cathay first. Looking forward to the suites. @jetblue
  • kenancandasCant wait! Switching to JetBlue over United!
  • reyx13I can't wait at least when JBU gets an amount of A321 flying it to the caribbean. I'm a frequent JBU flier to Santo Domingo :) @jetblue
  • xiomy4realWhen is @jetblue going to start flying in and out of Atlanta??!!!!!!
  • coleflinnstagram@mrsforealz I don't think they would because it's the busiest airport in the world therefore competition is stiff with the legacy carriers
  • jonsalv@jetblue so excited!
  • darmoh814Lets hope it doesn't lead to a huge price increase for non first class seats
  • getlostwithjackieSo excited!
  • luvloliNo wat happen
  • geno1077The prices @jetblue are already up! No longer a low cost airline
  • marceegundry75Yay!!! So excited!!! #truebluethroughandthrough
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