Join us this Thursday on Facebook and Twitter to ask our Bra Developer anything.
  • lululemonJoin us this Thursday on Facebook and Twitter to ask our Bra Developer anything.

  • flroadrat@ryanmiche @michellemany
  • ryanmiche@michellemany @mjr234nyu She looks like she could bench press both of us!
  • flroadrat@ryanmiche @michellemany , yeah, nice guns -yoga baby
  • ridlee75So would love a bra for the heavy chested moi! Along with a non built in bra tank that hides the 3 kid muffin top.
  • jenkralawNeed a bra that keeps my phone in it without bouncing up and out of my bra or slips down while limiting bounce. 32 DD and it will still not stay in place when sweaty.
  • lizo830Need more bra options in smaller band/larger cup sizes such as 32F (in all levels of support & fun colors)!
  • maryoleszekLOVE the Energy bra and Ta Ta Tamer. My ta-tas thank you. No question. Just sayin'
  • lbren3575Need a bra that pulls over but not racer back. Racer back hurts my shoulders and neck and I'm small - B cup- also with thin straps.
  • priscopartyof4Need a bra that doesn't lose its elasticity after a few washes and wears.
  • lululemon@whitneysiara @egoold I'd recommend finding a bra with a front clasp. For a bra to be high support, the band under the bust needs to have no give, which in turn requires the band to have a clasp/hooks so you can put it on.
  • lululemon@summer_chase Check out the new bras we just released: Itty, Bitty and Booby Bracers. Awesome for high impact workouts.
  • lululemon@donichka That's not a size we currently make. However, I recommend checking out Panache and Freya as this is what they specialize in.
  • lululemon@ebezek Because the band needs to stretch, built-in bra tanks will only offer low-medium support. I recommend finding a tank you love and pairing it with a high support bra to create the same style and give your chest the love it needs.
  • whitsjits@lululemon I've only been able to find one brand that offers high support with the front clasp, this also isnt best case scenario for me. High impact with no clasps is ideal! hard to find of course because not everyone has the same measurements. Right now the best support in a bra I've found is the @underarmour Endure which is hard to find..but hands down has been my favorite sports bra of all time. Best impact, comfortable and No clasps.. Best support -don't know how they did it. However, impossible to find! The second would be one @nike released last year, also high support with no clasps. You guys gotta fill this niche! It would be amazing!
  • birdie_numnumsI like what you are trying to do with you bras so far. Not a fan of the TaTa Tamer but like the new double strap bras. Keep up the good work! I'm 53 and need support!
  • willow.tree10@lululemon have you considered selling some of your sports bras (I'd love it in low support, especially) in bra sizes? I have a small band size but a large cup and it's near impossible to find something that stays flush to my rib cage underneath that I don't spill out of, except some very heavy duty options that are really overkill (and way too restricting) for yoga.
  • kayylajane95@willowpillow10 some of them are in bra sizes. I know the ta ya tamer is
  • kayylajane95Ta ta*
  • lyzabethlopezMy fav is criss with light padding built in so it does not move around or get lost/folded up in the laundry... (in fun colors so I can wear it as a bra or bra top... :-) xoxo
  • sunlitletterpressLong time buyer of Tata tamer - love. Wear 32d but bought 32dd during pregnancy. Would love Tata tamer in racer back style!!! Also, pads that don't move and have to be adjusted after every wash. Finally, a version with a bit more coverage on top would be awesome - fit is usually good but yoga bending over poses can feel a bit showy on the top. Pls don't ever discontinue the Tata! It's my fave and took yrs to find!!!!
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