My gear I wore lastnight on #raw is dedicated to Dylan Gonna donate this gear to #curecysticfibrosis 
I loves ya Boo ❤ #lol 
  • laylayelMy gear I wore lastnight on #raw is dedicated to Dylan Gonna donate this gear to #curecysticfibrosis
    I loves ya Boo ❤ #lol

  • talatalal4@seanster_17 Dude.. What did i even say? Zat stranger is saying bad words to layla! Why doesnt he unfollow her? Words can hurt
  • babyjokerxxxxxlayla is a minger with no talent..just like the heat dancer..#shecouldntdance
  • quinnrsell120Ur a saint
  • joseguevara4lifeI have cf @laylayel
  • emt2135My daughter tested positive for it so scary the testing the sweat test I had to almost dehydrate myself to make her sweat she is just a carrier meaning if she marries someone who is a carrier there child would have it I am a EMT and have met a lot of Children who are really sick but are courageous and will not let them get down because they enjoy life to the fullest because they have no idea how long they have to live
  • hartattvcks@babyjokerxxxxx @cena_rp @b_man_04 OMG. I understand you all still think the storyline is real. Its understandable for people your age. But do you honestly thing that commenting ignorance on her pictures will get you anywhere. She most likely wont read them. And if she does. She probably doesn't care. GO GOOGLE what a storyline in professional wrestling is. And when you finally come to your senses. I WANT you to come back and apologize to Layla. Gosh, this picture wasn't meant for you to comment your ignorance. She obviously is playing a role on screen. She isn't a terrible person OS. And if you were a TRUE fan of hers you'd stick by her no matter what. And to the person who called her a "talentless minger" you obviously are blind. Layla is beautiful and is extremely talented so get lost. I am TIRED of coming on Layla's pictures and seeing you MARKS who don't know when to separate a storyline from real LIFE. ITS A SCRIPT. The wrestling and the bumps are real. But everyone is playing a character. Please STOP commenting ignorance on Layla's pictures. It really pissed me off because this picture had NOTHING to do with the DAMN storyline!
  • uhitsromanDon't tell me to shut up @sbw11 u shut up
  • emt2135These wrestlers are performing every night and give of them selves to make a wish and other charities while some people are still sleeping and for the toll they put on there bodies to entertain you the injuries and surgeries are real
  • baileyh123my cousin had cystic fibrosis and just got a double lung and liver transplant
  • laylaelorgYou're such a sweetheart Lay, you do so much to give back. Dylan is such and adorable little boy, thank you for donating the gear. You are truly amazing
  • laylaelorgHope they find a cure for cystic fibrosis and cancer ❤
  • enmetaleAw
  • taylor_zigglerAweee Layla you're such a sweet heart :')
  • babyjokerxxxxxLayla cares only for herself...what a twat
  • greenmachine499That's so cool I Have Cystic fibrosis #curecysticfibrosis
  • lilsteveenWhy are you donating all your gear? Is this your idea of getting rid if all your gear before you leave WWE please don't leave 😔
  • lusciouslaylaelThis is sweet of you @laylayel
  • jorgecamarillo24How sweet!
  • reaganxxxxHow sweet arr
  • factshorrorYou seriously have the biggest heart <3
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