Lean on dat shi U own it. #basquiat
  • kinggoldchainsLean on dat shi U own it. #basquiat

  • rainb0wbunnygood night😘😩👫💚
  • papa_los@brittney_brockett @bluvs_ shots blown out
  • mzanamariaYou are sexy
  • mariobloom@stu_bear tells these jokers! Lol, basquiat never did realistic imagery!
  • khaosdagunnaHalf of ya r groupies this is an image OF basquiat this isn't a painting BY basquiat so for all ya claiming basquiat is ur fav artist recognize his work first lol
  • mariobloom@khaosdagunna and half the rappers talking about basquiat knows nothing about art, jay z mentions him so that makes him cool I guess! Smh
  • khaosdagunnaTrue ! They can't even name one of his paintings get just know his name .. Only celebrity that really knows bout basquiat like that is Swizz Beatz he collects basquiat
  • jessiebobabeHahaja love the comments
  • shakabruhripshakabonesClean
  • caydelreyOmg he knows Jean Michel basquiat .😍
  • the_mrs_galloway@caydelrey Basquiat died a long time ago. This portrait is dope! Agreed above. Know your Art History people. Read and research, expand your minds 🙌
  • lntwined@did_she_really_just just cause you watched a documentary or were alibe when jean was famous. Which he was... a pop culture icon hahahaha.doesn't mean your educated in the slightest... lol
  • the_mrs_galloway@Immune It's funny that you think you have me pegged, it shows your lack of empathy and callous. I'm a journalism and art history major, so please find something better to sling around in useless rants ab "documentaries". I have prints in my home, he has been an influence in my life. Please, come with something better next time; if there is a next time. God bless.
  • the_mrs_gallowayAlso, just bc you smoke weed doesn't make you an expert if art.
  • suprem3_kellsLmao @did_she_really_just ripped you @lmmune lmao
  • lntwined@did_she_really_just @lsuprem3 woah like I said he was a pop culture icon lol... I never mentioned smoking but I'm sure it helps to smoke before art history class hahaha. & I also never claimed to be an expert like you. dumb girl.
  • lntwined@did_she_really_just & it's also so empathetic & callous of you to look at my Instagram & tell me what I think... Lol your the reason art is how it is today. #arthistorajors #doyouevenpaintbro?
  • lntwined#arthistorymajors
  • the_mrs_galloway@immune Thank you, I take that as a compliment. Be well and blessed
  • the_mrs_gallowayHaha do I paint.. It's not about what I do, the discussion was Basquiat and HIS legacy. But way to make it such a petty display lol you only further proved my point @immune
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