Hair time. Thanks @herbalessences for helping me get ready. #gettherose
  • giaallemandHair time. Thanks @herbalessences for helping me get ready. #gettherose

  • mstoltz10Pretty lady!!!
  • health_hardYou're the best looking bachelorette of ALL TIME! I vote Gia!
  • vantsdGia where did u get this adorable dress?
  • giaallemandThanks @_jennthomas and @mstolt1 I love you both
  • giaallemand@vantsd it was given to me to wear but I believe three dots makes it
  • l1nzy_bee@giaallemand it's Lindsey!!! From queens..your old BFF! 💗💗💗 please get in touch with me! Hope you are OK 😘😘😘
  • darlenetomlinRIP Beauty😟🌹
  • bachelorlovesRip gia
  • cruiz234Rip in peace Gia you were my favorite still in shock that a beautiful soul is gone
  • lambchoppattyRip u were my fav SHOCKED DISBELIEF WHY??
  • mgracezdYou never really know what's behind a
  • trainer37Such a stunning beauty.. May God be with your family & comfort them in your loss. #Rip
  • madds27270Rip beautiful soul. Only you know what you were facing and for how long. May the angels carry you up to heaven and heal your wounds.
  • franciaang
  • isuhhhhbelle@gary_puppet stop asking that on all her pics its rude and inconsiderate
  • isuhhhhbelle@gary_puppet and how is she supposed to answer that...she's dead and ik u might want answers but ur not gonna get them ahd u will have to deal with that
  • angelazahari@itsthatgirlizzy just report him already... He's obviously a moron. He's been commenting on all her pictures... Same thing over and over.
  • iheartobj13Miss you, beautiful 😇Hope you're soaring all over the world with that pretty smile of yours. Seeing you on the front covers of tabloids, breaks my heart. Love ya Gia!
  • _shelaughs_She did, you dumbass. it was just a statement It said "everything goes to mom." @gary_puppet
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