#Xi'an #terracotta #history #nike #kobechina
  • kobebryant#Xi'an #terracotta #history #nike #kobechina

  • kellie_murrayChase? @kaylee_bain
  • waiponglauWow kobe Bryant 去兵馬俑!😁
  • robertkissmChinese people think that a photo with Terracotta Army is not lucky
  • urieldelgadillo_Goat
  • virgo_king_1Aye Kobe plz tell he how it feel to retire a legend ... Every night before I go to sleep I watch Kobe Bryant motivation videos and it pumps me up YOUR THE ONE THAT GOT ME UNTO STV ST MARY THX
  • sambishop23Thank you so much u have been my favorite player of all time end on the game you ever played like against the raptors and you scored 81points😉❤️AND LAST WILL MISS YOU @kobebryant
  • _dallas._@neishareene did u go to it?
  • neishareeneNooooooooo and I was soooooo sad @_dallas._
  • neishareeneOn Sunday I was in the hospital for gallstones, been in severe pain since so I had to cancel my plans. My friends went doe @_dallas._
  • chienchienx科比 我想你或许会看到我的评论 我来自中国 男朋友超级喜欢你 喜欢你 8年
  • bbbenkydid anybody tell u the history of that city?!it's very amazing!
  • colin_zengWelcome to China!
  • litao.sunThe food of Xi`an is also super nice~
  • tim1348Welcome to my hometown ... Xi'an love u so much ...Mamba 24
  • luis_baez153You will be missed🙏🏼💯
  • skrrrrrrrskazhappy bday goat
  • cole_muzrim@luis_baez153 goat
  • moemoney800What is that stuff in that warehouse?
  • danny24laI know your a busy man . & prob won't even see this 😓 but if you do see this please please message back . My 18th bday in January 8th my dream has always been to meet the You. Please 🙏🏼 🐐 #January8th
  • sharmin_78hi mr. brayant you are my hero 😍i like shoot like you please teach me how to shoot like you ?please please. answer my question.thanks alot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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