Move In All White Like Jesus (c) Troy Ave - HOT OUT ... All these otha NIGGAZ dress a like, nobody's original UNIFORMS NEVER BEEN COOL! All that Givenchy "PYREX" $HiT wack. If u really dealt in the PYREX business u would understand. All that leather leather leather shit trash too. As far as Versace goes. I wear Versace Socks, draws & shades we did the Medusa Head sweaters back in 2001 along with coogie sweaters, I been fly since way back. Goin to flex n Brooklyn showcases wit the coogie new Jordan's & the latest racing car jacket. With that said the #BSBbq was INCREDIBLE we put that together in 3days jus Fly rooftop $HiT in BedStuy Brooklyn I mean but that's what we do, #BSBdopeboyz #StrawberryBlunt s/o 2 @bigbizzent & @treesnplatforms and everybody who came out. PS. I'm tired of drinking Cristal I might jus chill out this week and sip my imperial Moët w/ cranberry juice #TroyAveDatNigga #NewYorkCityTheAlbum on the way AND WHEN I DO THIS FLY $HiT I DO IT 4 REAL ! "Shoot da fukin stylist we go buy the shit ourselves" look for me in that New XXL MAGAZINE & SOURCE MAGAZINE #YouNeverSeenABetterOutfit #DonnaKarenDenimWitTheHighTopAirforceOneOverMyVersaceSocksAndLincolnHighSchoolJesusShuttlesWorthJersey" IT DONT GET MORE BROOKLYN THEN ME RIGHT NOW!
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