Me and my Honey...
  • teresagiudiceMe and my Honey...

  • simard606@joseney64 get a life
  • eveetxShe's enjoying beach life and y'all are miserable talking about headlines...pathetic. lol
  • nyjockey1@ninarabe and you're just a pimple who can't dress well. Get a job, sweetie.
  • _torrcassoo
  • ninarabe@nyjockey1 lol! My statement is true while yours isn't😘
  • the_vauseI think some people on here who are always negative such as @ninarabe. Need to go get laid.. And not just any lay but like really good laid. Maybe if they grad some sex in their like they wouldn't be on here all the time talking shit about people they don't know accept from tv and headlines
  • the_vauseHad**
  • gamblinggalidiots
  • lanlouDang, she needs a new beach hat!
  • umshahad44بب
  • ninarabe@reneeski22 lol I was actually defending Teresa from a mean commenter, and had a little fun of my own!
  • arichard63Start swimming back to Italy Guiseppe Guiduce
  • karen_hawkLast hoorah!
  • gotitans2012Enjoy yourself and I am sure thing will work out for y'all
  • nauticalstar79"Joe, let's smile and act like nothing will ever happen to us...."
  • mckenzixoNo matter what happens.. I will always love you Teresa! Your my idol!
  • leslietaylor7What comes around goes around and now finally she will see what's it's like to be treated badly. U can't play innocent forever without it's repercussions!!
  • muh_otbاقسم بالله اللي جنبكك ثور وانا اطقطق عليكم يادلوخ ولا احد فاهمني ههههههههههههه
  • krysnixI need this swimsuit!! 😭😭
  • wendigoaqui@xo_priscilla_408_xo completely agree!!!!
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