Good & fun day at the @supergirlpro 
Lovin my @cisurfboards "whip" 
Round of 12 tomorrow!
  • bethanyhamiltonGood & fun day at the @supergirlpro
    Lovin my @cisurfboards "whip"
    Round of 12 tomorrow!

  • emoryylangleyyit's fun @mtp799
  • shaka_sistersYou are my idol @bethanyhamilton I ❤ you so much everytime I surf I thing of you even in a contest!i hope you are reading this I want to be just like you when I grow up if you read this please comment back on the photo of you and Alana you guys are amazing please comment back @bethanyhamilton #bethany#alana
  • shaka_sisters@ashtynbellasurf123
  • averycoykenndallYou are a inspiration
  • maliagraffMy name is malia and I was born in Hawaii. My dad has surfed with you in Hawaii before when you had your arm
  • melia_larsonMy name is Melia but I spell it with an E @surfsuppeace
  • jillperrryYour my hero
  • jillperrryBethany
  • addisonjadeeUr so inspiring
  • young_wild_and_free2222Your the person that actually made me want to surf OMG your so inspiring xx
  • chesney_sprinkle13Will u teach me how to surf
  • thomasrutterA real inspiration not just to surfers but to all sports men and women and just the whole world you are the definition of not giving up
  • nataliecemanUr so beautuful and talented.
  • _kkendall_28Love your bourd.🏄
  • noemimz@melanielapalme cest la fille de soul surfer (la vraie)
  • madiivyyU were my inspiration to surf
  • oliviaa_wackerrOk, ur like my role model. U have inspired me soo much. And how you never said never. After seeing ur soul surfer movie I'm soooo interested in surfing now. I'm starting lessons now cause of you. Thanks for the inspiration. @bethanyhamilton
  • shep72You are like my hero you have inspired me to do a lot of things and I'm also In Hawaii right now island of Oahu I'm going to try surfing-Eva
  • tfoley433Hi I know you probably wont respond to this. But I am working on carissa moores' house doing the add on to it. I saw a surfboard under the housr that had a prayer with a seahorse on it and asked Chris if I could buy it from him to put up in my house for my girlfriend. He told me it was your board and when I told my girlfriend who's board it was, she started crying because you are her biggest fan. She graduated from bible college out here in oahu and loves your motivation speeches you give and how big you are with god. I just have to say thank you for being such a big part of her life and showing her that girls can be just as strong as guys if not stronger. Itd be an honor if I can somehow buy your board from chris/carissa
  • avatrujillloIs it scary to surf ? Do you just belive in your self ?
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