Potty training + Thomas puzzles = exhausting.
  • tshoxenreiderPotty training + Thomas puzzles = exhausting.

  • mommaashI feel your pain
  • jcmilesAwww!
  • leigh.dusekLove it. That is so my house.
  • aimeebourqueIs he asleep, Tsh??
  • momsgonnasnapThat is amazing
  • frugalgranolaSo he did get a new "potty train?" :)
  • somlovinHe falls asleep everywhere!
  • tshoxenreider@aimeebourque he is! He can really sleep anywhere. Only one of my children that can do that.
  • tshoxenreider@somlovin totally!
  • jillmickAny tips @tshoxenreider? My oldest is 4 and he will NOT go number two. I don't want to push him too much..just not my style but I'm beyond over diapers.
  • modmiaI had/have one that can sleep anywhere. They make life interesting.
  • kteichrowphotoLOL! Love this!!
  • faithraider@jillmick my 3rd was the same. She had issues with constipation and we were still regularly having accidents past 4yrs but she was much better by 5 and completely accident-free by 6. Not what you want to hear but really, each child is different.
  • amysmonkeysMy boys still fall asleep anywhere...I call them my little (no so ittle anymore) nomads. It is a hunt some mornings during the summer to find them!
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