#whynot..... Great work this morning...steps ain't no joke! #nopainnogain #whynot .....
  • russwest44#whynot..... Great work this morning...steps ain't no joke! #nopainnogain #whynot .....

  • justaplanegirlNice picture
  • caedino30nice shirt
  • obey_enrique15I wanna be like you. What does it take to be like you? @russwest44
  • jayden_h_1: change your name to russel Westbrook 2: become a basketball star 3: go to ucla 4: get drafted to the Oklahoma City thunder/ and those are the steps to becoming like Russell Westbrook
  • igeeogno sweat? sup with that
  • cody_rubbishUcla for the win
  • simpl3man82@russwest44 go bruins!!! But gotta hate on those olympians...CEE HOUSE!!!
  • lexi_haddixHaha
  • el.boogie.chapoYou my favorite bro player devastated when you got hurt I knew you was gonna bounce back. Number one fan since day one bro. Keep doin wachu doin bro. Your the best point guard in the nba. Most intense and passionate player in the nba. I swear to god you my favorite player bro. You got the most heart in the NBA keep playin hard strong n being aggressive we need you to that every game bro. Get us this chip n keep proving these haters
  • el.boogie.chapoWrong
  • el.boogie.chapoGood shot yesterday tooo we needed that.
  • nateclark____I went to their basketball camp this summer #ucla
  • brandonbugattiOnce a bruin always a bruin gee. Lets link up when you make it back out here broh!
  • gavin_mannila_24Go ducks
  • _dannyloco_Ucla is gonna bring it tonight!
  • ased_krispy_karimGoin back to ur collage I see
  • hunterbuescher@rossanderson32 @bartzachry ya boy
  • kamran_chahal@simritpoona #whynot
  • tbabylicious@_asaplos when he came to visit me
  • _yahweh.melo.Robert Horry Got Seven Ring.. Bill Russell Got Ten.. Scottie Got Six.. Rodman Got Foe.. Parker And Gonibli Got Foe.. Have They Never Been MVPs.. Fuck No.. Did They Lead The Team When They Needed.. Them Championships Show... Isaiah Thomas Got Two And His HOF Show.. He One of The Greatest Ever Do It Uk.. From My Chicago, They Chiraq This Ain't This Spike Lee Show Somebody Just put A Bullet Through My Cuzo Window.. And iFigure Uk How That Go, So Get Them Names In Them History Books And Them Stats A Glo..
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